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Monday, May 16, 2011

My little ham

Micah has found his funny bone lately. Seriously this little one cracks me up all day long. First he started sticking out his tongue and laughing about it. Then someone taught him how to say "nanana boo-boo" (hmm Abby?!) and he says it and thinks it's hilarious and laughs at himself! He is cracking me up all day long. He's been in such a good mood that past week or so with his new found comedian self. I mean seriously I wish I had a hidden camera on him (because as I've mentioned before I am not a videographer!) but seriously I think I'm going to try because he's just so sweet and funny lately and I never want to forget this stage. Do you think he'd stay in this stage forever if I asked him to? I mean he seems to have listened to me when I told him to stay little forever as he has only gained 3ish lbs since 9 months. Ha! I just love this little guy!
Abby rolled him up in the car rug last week - he found it hilarious (of course!)

He's also a daredevil. He loves to jump into the pool. He's going to be the one I have to watch carefully when we go all summer long because he gets braver every time (despite that fact that it's been freezing this last week!) and will jump (or practically bellyflop - whatever you want to call it) without holding onto your hands now after our 4th time swimming of the summer. I'm now wondering how I'm going to keep Micah out of the pool next week while Abby has swim lessons because I don't think he is going to be very happy that Abby is swimming and he isn't! 

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