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Monday, May 09, 2011

Monday random ramblings

Today has just been one of the best days! Beau was off this morning and was planning on some gym time so my mom and I left Micah with daddy to have some quality guy time and we dropped off Abby then headed to the mall without any little ones. We had a little breakfast after a quick phone repair (replacement) for my mom's phone at the apple store then got manis and pedi's. After our pampering (thanks mom! love you!) we did some quick shopping. We found lots of cute things at the Loft... but since they weren't having a sale today (and they typically have them often) we didn't actually buy anything there. 

Then it was off to Panera for lunch. Yum! Beau and Micah met us to eat and Micah was quite the ham at lunch - if only he had actually eaten a little more! Then we had to say goodbye to my mom so she could head back to her house. Her visits are always wonderful and all too short! 

After nap we headed to the pool and spray park! I'm so glad they are finally open. They actually opened two weekends ago but were closed most of last week with our little cold front we had last week that required jackets for like two days - but we are back to our (normal) hot weather now. Not the best picture but the kids got to wear their new swimsuits Gigi brought them (thanks Gigi & Pops.) Abby's is absolutely adorable! It came from Lime Ricki the same place I got a swimsuit from last year. (Now Abby and I have matching mommy/daughter swimsuits - just mine doesn't have ruffles on the bottom!) I absolutely love it and am so glad they started making little girls suits because it's so hard to find a cute little girly swimsuit in Abby's size - especially a two piece/tankini (which is easier if she has to potty.) 
Then home for dinner. Beau and I traded off he took care of dinner and the kids while I went and worked out. I tried out the evening bootcamp class for the first time. Ouch! The 'mini' run we did to start out was not so mini but I was able to run the whole thing. Woohoo! We worked our abs and arms today plus legs with the running as we did a longer run later in the class. Great class though and it's a start to working off the cookies, cupcakes and party food I ate this weekend. Ha! Then he met me at the gym with the kids and he went to workout while I brought the kids home for bed. 

All in all a fabulous day! I'm exhausted and starting to get sore already! 

Abby had to sleep with all her puppies tonight - well minus "Suzie" (the basset hound - she got the name from the Charlie book by the PW woman but Suzie is actually the other dog not the basset but the colors are similar!) Abby said Suzie got left outside on the glider but only the blanket was out there not the toy dog... Suzie must have run off somewhere else and we'll have to find her in the morning. 
I hope ya'll have had a wonderful Monday as well! 

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