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Friday, May 27, 2011

a hot, lazy afternoon

We spent (another) lazy afternoon at home. Abby had been wanting to watch Tangled again so after quiet time (in which Micah napped and I played Barbies with Abby) we had a snack of popcorn and watched the movie. It was seriously hot outside today so I didn't want them to spend too much time outside in the hot sun so a movie was okay with me for today. The news this evening declared it a record high for this date at 100 degrees. My phone said it was 101 at 6:45 pm. Yikes! Normal for this time of year is more like 88 degrees. 
While the kids watched the movie I made a pot roast for Beau to have in the fridge to take with him to work for dinners or eat for lunch. His schedule doesn't always line up with ours so eating meals together doesn't always work out. I also made him creamy chicken taquitos from Annie's Eats. After cooking both these meals up I wasn't really feeling cooking dinner (and lacked inspiration.) Neither meal is something I like (I'm picky!) I figured Micah would eat a taquito though and I was 50/50 on if Abby would eat it. So I fixed the kids each a taquito, some yogurt and the rest of the personal size watermelon we had cut into at lunch. Not a huge dinner but since we had popcorn for snack not that long before it was plenty for their tummies. We managed to eat the whole personal size watermelon between lunch and dinner. Most of it probably be eaten by me but the kids weren't far behind. The personal size ones are just so sweet and tasty! I need to get another one now! 

After the movie had ended I had set up the water table and sprinkler and sent them outside (after putting on sunscreen and swimsuits today) So since they were having fun and were all wet we had dinner outside on the porch. 
Honey wanted in on the action.... but Micah wasn't too happy she was eyeing his food and pointed his little finger at her and told her "no!" 
I may or may not have also given the kids popsicles at some point while they were outside but I'm not telling. ;) Micah might give it away though.... 
Happy Friday everyone! 


1 comment :

Elizabeth said...

What cute kiddos you have, Katie!!

Looks like such hot days y'all are having...it's been mid 90's here in Nashville!

Happy Sunday from your newest follower! :)