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Monday, May 23, 2011

Catching up - in iphone photos

I confess I'm addicted to pinterest.... and it's taking over my blogging time. (I think I might need to get off pinterest more often and put to use all the good ideas it gives me instead of just pinning them too! - Gigi you too LOL!) That combined with lots of time spent playing outside or at the pool and not bringing my camera along means I've been slacking here on the blog. So to catch up here's the past 5 days in iphone pictures! 

Thursday (19th) - The previous Thursday we had a planned playdate outing to Sea World but it poured for the first time in months so we didn't go. Luckily I hadn't told Abby that day so she wasn't miserable that we weren't going. However she had been begging to go for two weeks now so we finally had a chance to go and despite the fact that there were some drizzles as we left the gym that morning (I went to spin class bright and early that morning yay for me!) So on the way there because I couldn't find my umbrella and it looked threatening I stopped at Target to get an umbrella - hence why we didn't get any rain... but it was super humid and muggy! But better than super hot like it will be later this summer. 

We met our friends in the Sesame play area and rode the carousel (several times - no lines on slow Thursdays where it looks like it's going to rain!)
Both kids love it!
Then we caught the end of the Sesame show (which seems like it must only be one song because it was over super fast!) All the characters (except Elmo) come down to take pictures with the kids. Neither Abby or Micah has ever wanted to get close to them but they did want to watch him for a while. 
Of course this was the day they finally decided they did want to take a picture with Burt and Ernie.... but only with me there with them. Ha! (Remember I gym in the morning right before this!)
We wandered around the park with our friends, saw the sea lions, otters, penguins and puffins then after getting some popcorns and a drink we sat and watched and fed the ducks. 
Then we watched the Atlantis coaster splash down... Abby decided she wanted to get wet (shock!) and my friend was game (and realized there was a dry spot on the concrete where they wouldn't really get wet) We watched it go round several times before we moved on. 
Then it was home for naptime! All in all a great day with friends at Sea World! 

Friday and Saturday were pretty boring with the gym and time at the pool but very enjoyable! 

Sunday (22nd) - We played hooky from Church, I worked in the nursery the night before and they kids had already been to their Bible classes (not that it makes up for not going on Sunday) but I felt we could use a family day. So we headed to the zoo with Beau. 

Micah was quite excited to see the monkeys! They are his favorite of the zoo animals! Lucky for him there are quite a few different types of monkeys at the zoo. 
Can you find both elephants in this picture? 
Here's a hint- one of them found a good way to stay cool - it was quite warm yesterday but still about 10-15 degrees cooler than it will be in a couple weeks! 

Abby compared to the Andean Condor: 
The capuchin monkeys must have been having a birthday party because they got a giraffee pinata to play with this particular day. This made Abby decide she wanted a pinata for her birthday party when she turns 5 - first she also wanted a giraffee one like the monkeys then she wanted an okapi. HA! (This is in addition to wanting a party at Build-a-Bear, then wanting a princess party - can't wait to see what she comes up with next!)
At the end of the zoo trip each kid got to pick a small souvenir. Abby picked an okapi - perfect for her since that's pretty much one of her very favorite zoo animals! Micah however had a harder time... he wanted the "dog" too bad they didn't really have a dog... it was instead a hyena and they didn't have a small one just a big one. Oh man he didn't want to give up it and pick anything different. Finally he was deterred to pick something different and picked a black leopard.... that he calls a dog... and I'm not telling him any different because when he was picking out his toy he didn't would shove anything back with a "no" if we told him it was something other than a dog (for instance a meerkat instead of a dog) 

Monday (today!) - Abby had her first swim lesson this morning. She was so nervous. She wasn't herself this morning and I almost thought she was getting sick until I realized that she was just nervous about swim lessons. After the lessons were over she was happy, back to herself and had fun! 
Then after swim lessons, I worked out and then we quickly came home and got dry swim suits on both kids and headed to her friend Madeline's house for a pool party! Yay! One more time to see all her friends. It was a blast and we ended up staying until almost 2. Both kids had a lot of fun! And I didn't take a single picture. :( 

Then it was home for nap time. Beau had the day off and he was busy at home working on the office to Micah's big boy room transformation (with an office still in the corner since he'll basically just be sleeping in the room and still playing in the playroom.) He was super dad/hubby and got it pretty much put together today. (And I tackled the pile of mess that's on the desk that's been staring at me forever!) The bedding gets here tomorrow so it will hopefully be almost finished tomorrow! Micah and Abby were pretty excited about Micah getting a big boy bed. I think maybe Abby more than Micah. 

Whew! I think that about catches it up for now! 

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