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Sunday, May 29, 2011

weekend recap

It's been a pretty non-eventful weekend over here - Saturday was pretty low key in the morning. After nap we had Bible class then we had a going away party for a sweet friend from Bibleland. Ms. Selena has been Abby's teacher on Saturday nights for the past little while and has been with Bibleland for a lot longer than I have so it's going to be very different with out her! :( 

We headed to one of the Bibleland ladies' houses for the party. They had a trampoline and 3 dogs. My kids couldn't have been happier! Abby feel in love with the trampoline (and gave me several mini panic attacks and I worried about her being bounced around!) She was seriously filthy by the time we left from the trampoline with black legs, feet, arms even a little on her forehead! (Of course I didn't bring my "real" camera... so iphone pictures have to do) 
Micah (and Abby) both instantly loved the dogs. There were 2 little ones and 1 bigger dog. The larger dog Oscar liked to play fetch which both kids love and tried to throw his toys to him. Later they showed off how good he really was with the flying frisbees which really got the kids attention!
Then for some reason last night I had some serious insomnia and couldn't fall asleep which left me tired this morning but after letting the kids watch a Curious George I got some energy thankfully! Micah had a yucky nose this morning - not horrible but it was slightly greenish unlike yesterday when it was clear. He's been chewing on his finger and has shown signs of getting some more of his bottom teeth but they are the slowest teeth ever! Since he had a yucky nose and I woke up with a sore throat (after my lack of sleep) we ended up not going to Church. :( 

We got up and I put the kids to work with a little house cleaning as we vacuumed the living room, stairs and then mopped the kitchen floor. Abby gladly volunteered for the task of using the little vacuum for the baseboards and then she wiped them down with a towel. (Which I think was one of my least favorite chores when I was growing up) She did pretty well and was such a sweet heart helping! Micah wanted to help too so he got to wipe down the baseboards in the kitchen.  (And yes we were all still in jammies at this point)
Then a quick trip to HEB since we were out of bread and most fruit. The kids were quite cooperative making that easy! After lunch it was the part of the day Abby had been waiting for all morning.... a bath for Honey! Now the dog is all clean. :) Then naptime (and thankfully a short nap for mommy - with a promise to Abby we would play Barbies a lot tomorrow & a trip to the pool after nap - I've created a Barbie playing addict - it's our new quiet time activity)

After Micah woke up we headed to the pool. Micah was so thrilled to hear me say we were going and said "pool yay yay yay" as he jumped up and down. We swam for a little over an hour until the pool closed. Abby did so fantastic! She was going underwater and swimming around so well. She brought her princess dive toy and dove for it over and over on the stairs going practically completely under. 

Then home for dinner. We enjoyed breakfast for dinner with french toast, yogurt and strawberries. All that swimming made Abby hungry - she ate lots of berries, a large serving of yogurt and 3 slices of french toast. More than I ate. 

And then we got to end the day ichat-ing with Gigi and Pops. The kids loved it and actually talked more than they have in previous ichats. Sometimes they end up just being super silly and jumping all over. 

No big Memorial day plans for tomorrow though. We have swim lessons and will probably hit the gym. 

Friday, May 27, 2011

a hot, lazy afternoon

We spent (another) lazy afternoon at home. Abby had been wanting to watch Tangled again so after quiet time (in which Micah napped and I played Barbies with Abby) we had a snack of popcorn and watched the movie. It was seriously hot outside today so I didn't want them to spend too much time outside in the hot sun so a movie was okay with me for today. The news this evening declared it a record high for this date at 100 degrees. My phone said it was 101 at 6:45 pm. Yikes! Normal for this time of year is more like 88 degrees. 
While the kids watched the movie I made a pot roast for Beau to have in the fridge to take with him to work for dinners or eat for lunch. His schedule doesn't always line up with ours so eating meals together doesn't always work out. I also made him creamy chicken taquitos from Annie's Eats. After cooking both these meals up I wasn't really feeling cooking dinner (and lacked inspiration.) Neither meal is something I like (I'm picky!) I figured Micah would eat a taquito though and I was 50/50 on if Abby would eat it. So I fixed the kids each a taquito, some yogurt and the rest of the personal size watermelon we had cut into at lunch. Not a huge dinner but since we had popcorn for snack not that long before it was plenty for their tummies. We managed to eat the whole personal size watermelon between lunch and dinner. Most of it probably be eaten by me but the kids weren't far behind. The personal size ones are just so sweet and tasty! I need to get another one now! 

After the movie had ended I had set up the water table and sprinkler and sent them outside (after putting on sunscreen and swimsuits today) So since they were having fun and were all wet we had dinner outside on the porch. 
Honey wanted in on the action.... but Micah wasn't too happy she was eyeing his food and pointed his little finger at her and told her "no!" 
I may or may not have also given the kids popsicles at some point while they were outside but I'm not telling. ;) Micah might give it away though.... 
Happy Friday everyone! 


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sprinkler play

We've had a pretty low key week this week. Abby finished her first week of swim lessons today. She's doing well and seems a little more confident and is enjoying it despite the fact that the pool is pretty chilly at 9 am in the morning. Should hopefully be a little warmer next week if this hot weather keeps up like it looks like it's going to. Then after swim lessons we've hit the gym most days except today where we headed to a play date with friends. 

This evening Beau and I worked out with the new Body Combat release. As he's now a {almost - pending filming him teaching a class} certified Body Combat instructor he got the latest release in the mail yesterday so he wanted to start learning it so I did it along with him (somewhat - while tending to the kids.) During the last couple tracks the kids went outside to give Honey some water and then I filled up the water table for them. This then turned into making puddle in the mud ha! Then I turned on the sprinkler. Micah was already soaked from the water table and puddle making but Abby was fairly dry and didn't want to get her clothes wet so she stripped down to her panties. At least it was the backyard. 

They had a lot of fun - can you tell?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Catching up - in iphone photos

I confess I'm addicted to pinterest.... and it's taking over my blogging time. (I think I might need to get off pinterest more often and put to use all the good ideas it gives me instead of just pinning them too! - Gigi you too LOL!) That combined with lots of time spent playing outside or at the pool and not bringing my camera along means I've been slacking here on the blog. So to catch up here's the past 5 days in iphone pictures! 

Thursday (19th) - The previous Thursday we had a planned playdate outing to Sea World but it poured for the first time in months so we didn't go. Luckily I hadn't told Abby that day so she wasn't miserable that we weren't going. However she had been begging to go for two weeks now so we finally had a chance to go and despite the fact that there were some drizzles as we left the gym that morning (I went to spin class bright and early that morning yay for me!) So on the way there because I couldn't find my umbrella and it looked threatening I stopped at Target to get an umbrella - hence why we didn't get any rain... but it was super humid and muggy! But better than super hot like it will be later this summer. 

We met our friends in the Sesame play area and rode the carousel (several times - no lines on slow Thursdays where it looks like it's going to rain!)
Both kids love it!
Then we caught the end of the Sesame show (which seems like it must only be one song because it was over super fast!) All the characters (except Elmo) come down to take pictures with the kids. Neither Abby or Micah has ever wanted to get close to them but they did want to watch him for a while. 
Of course this was the day they finally decided they did want to take a picture with Burt and Ernie.... but only with me there with them. Ha! (Remember I gym in the morning right before this!)
We wandered around the park with our friends, saw the sea lions, otters, penguins and puffins then after getting some popcorns and a drink we sat and watched and fed the ducks. 
Then we watched the Atlantis coaster splash down... Abby decided she wanted to get wet (shock!) and my friend was game (and realized there was a dry spot on the concrete where they wouldn't really get wet) We watched it go round several times before we moved on. 
Then it was home for naptime! All in all a great day with friends at Sea World! 

Friday and Saturday were pretty boring with the gym and time at the pool but very enjoyable! 

Sunday (22nd) - We played hooky from Church, I worked in the nursery the night before and they kids had already been to their Bible classes (not that it makes up for not going on Sunday) but I felt we could use a family day. So we headed to the zoo with Beau. 

Micah was quite excited to see the monkeys! They are his favorite of the zoo animals! Lucky for him there are quite a few different types of monkeys at the zoo. 
Can you find both elephants in this picture? 
Here's a hint- one of them found a good way to stay cool - it was quite warm yesterday but still about 10-15 degrees cooler than it will be in a couple weeks! 

Abby compared to the Andean Condor: 
The capuchin monkeys must have been having a birthday party because they got a giraffee pinata to play with this particular day. This made Abby decide she wanted a pinata for her birthday party when she turns 5 - first she also wanted a giraffee one like the monkeys then she wanted an okapi. HA! (This is in addition to wanting a party at Build-a-Bear, then wanting a princess party - can't wait to see what she comes up with next!)
At the end of the zoo trip each kid got to pick a small souvenir. Abby picked an okapi - perfect for her since that's pretty much one of her very favorite zoo animals! Micah however had a harder time... he wanted the "dog" too bad they didn't really have a dog... it was instead a hyena and they didn't have a small one just a big one. Oh man he didn't want to give up it and pick anything different. Finally he was deterred to pick something different and picked a black leopard.... that he calls a dog... and I'm not telling him any different because when he was picking out his toy he didn't would shove anything back with a "no" if we told him it was something other than a dog (for instance a meerkat instead of a dog) 

Monday (today!) - Abby had her first swim lesson this morning. She was so nervous. She wasn't herself this morning and I almost thought she was getting sick until I realized that she was just nervous about swim lessons. After the lessons were over she was happy, back to herself and had fun! 
Then after swim lessons, I worked out and then we quickly came home and got dry swim suits on both kids and headed to her friend Madeline's house for a pool party! Yay! One more time to see all her friends. It was a blast and we ended up staying until almost 2. Both kids had a lot of fun! And I didn't take a single picture. :( 

Then it was home for nap time. Beau had the day off and he was busy at home working on the office to Micah's big boy room transformation (with an office still in the corner since he'll basically just be sleeping in the room and still playing in the playroom.) He was super dad/hubby and got it pretty much put together today. (And I tackled the pile of mess that's on the desk that's been staring at me forever!) The bedding gets here tomorrow so it will hopefully be almost finished tomorrow! Micah and Abby were pretty excited about Micah getting a big boy bed. I think maybe Abby more than Micah. 

Whew! I think that about catches it up for now! 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Getting to know you

1. what's your favorite rainy day activity?
Napping! Or curling up with a book. Neither of which I usually get to do on a rainy day because 1) we rarely get rain ha! and 2) I have two little ones to keep entertained! 

2. what time do you go to bed?
Anywhere between 10 and midnight (or later if I get too addicted on pinterest!) 
3. how many magazines do you subscribe to? 
4. did you sell all your belongings because you thought the world was ending yesterday?
Nope - didn't really even think twice about it other than just a few jokes about what the last meal should be and so on LOL 
5. what's your beauty obsession?
Obsession? Hmm.. I guess the bare minerals power I rarely leave the house with at least the powder on but I don't often do much more than that and mascara. 
6. if you could only wear one designer/brand for the rest of your life...what would it be?
Hmmm... do we have unlimited funds for this? Ha! I like the Loft a whole lot but then I'd have nothing to wear to the gym. 
7. what's your summer must have?
A swimsuit, towel & sunscreen to spend lots of time swimming!
8. do you make weekly dinner menus?
I try, doesn't happen every week but it helps and makes grocery shopping easier. 

Link up over at MannLand5 if you want to play along!


Friday, May 20, 2011

Last day of Preschool

Today was a sad day. It was my sweet little girl's last day of preschool. Next year she'll head off to kindergarden as will all her friends. They'll all be in different schools too with different teachers. :( 

This week has been an exciting last week of preschool - making it easy to forget it was almost over I suppose. Monday was Wheels Day and they got to bring their bikes and they had a chance to ride them around and play games with their bikes. Wednesday was field day and they had all sorts of games set up around the campus to play - it sounded like a whole lot of fun! Today they had a special snack of banana splits in class and then at noon we all joined Abby and school for an end of the year picnic. 

Abby love love loves her teacher she's had this past year Mrs. Ham. She's so sweet and both last week and today said she'd love to take Abby home with her. Abby gave Mrs. Ham many many many hugs during the picnic. I can only hope her teacher next year is half as sweet as Mrs. Ham :) 
We'll have to go back one day next year to say hi. Maybe we'll even get really luck and she'll still be teaching at the preschool in 2 years from now and maybe Micah can have her as a teacher as well.  

I was very nearly about to start crying thinking about saying goodbye to the preschool. It's been a wonderful year! At least we get another chance to see her friends next Monday since one of the mom's sent out an email today inviting everyone to come over for a casual pool party. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday!

I'm loving the classes at the gym. I'm addicted (but not as addicted as my hubby!) I went to two on Monday - Body Combat and boot camp. Planning an early morning spin class tomorrow - I even put the kids in bed early (they were tired anyway) to be sure they would be up so I wouldn't feel bad for pulling them out of bed in the morning.

I'm loving the weather. It's beautiful outside - not too hot with a nice breeze. Perfect for our planned outing at Sea World tomorrow. I slightly miss the warmer weather because the kids and I are ready to hit the pool and spray park and it's slightly too chilly for that right now!

I'm loving the look of this recipe  for cinnamon pull-apart bread. I'm thinking I might make it for breakfast for dinner on Saturday? Served with fruit and yogurt makes it a healthy suitable dinner meal right? Yummy at least! (Good thing I like the gym huh? LOL!)

Happy Wednesday everyone! If you want to play along you can head to Jamie's blog and link up! 


Monday, May 16, 2011

My little ham

Micah has found his funny bone lately. Seriously this little one cracks me up all day long. First he started sticking out his tongue and laughing about it. Then someone taught him how to say "nanana boo-boo" (hmm Abby?!) and he says it and thinks it's hilarious and laughs at himself! He is cracking me up all day long. He's been in such a good mood that past week or so with his new found comedian self. I mean seriously I wish I had a hidden camera on him (because as I've mentioned before I am not a videographer!) but seriously I think I'm going to try because he's just so sweet and funny lately and I never want to forget this stage. Do you think he'd stay in this stage forever if I asked him to? I mean he seems to have listened to me when I told him to stay little forever as he has only gained 3ish lbs since 9 months. Ha! I just love this little guy!
Abby rolled him up in the car rug last week - he found it hilarious (of course!)

He's also a daredevil. He loves to jump into the pool. He's going to be the one I have to watch carefully when we go all summer long because he gets braver every time (despite that fact that it's been freezing this last week!) and will jump (or practically bellyflop - whatever you want to call it) without holding onto your hands now after our 4th time swimming of the summer. I'm now wondering how I'm going to keep Micah out of the pool next week while Abby has swim lessons because I don't think he is going to be very happy that Abby is swimming and he isn't! 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Getting to know you

Happy Sunday everyone! It's been a good Sunday so far here. We had a somewhat lazy morning, eventually finally got ready for Church then afterwards we went out to Willie's with Grandma. It's one of my favorite places to go and eat because it's so relaxed and they have a HUGE sandbox for the kids to play in so they are happy as clams! Turns out we aren't the only ones who like it because we saw one of Abby's classmates and his family there as well as a little girl 2 days younger than Micah who has been in bible class with Micah for 18 months now. 

Now onto the questions for today....  link up here if you want to play along. 

1. have you ever gone to see a movie by yourself?
I have once just recently in fact. I wanted to see a movie and the kids stayed with Beau while I went to a movie. It was strange to see movie alone but it was good to get a mommy break other than the gym. Probably not something I'll do often but not bad either. 
2. would you rather go through a tornado or a hurricane?
Hurricane. Tornados scare me, hurricanes you at least have plenty of warning. I've been on the edge of several hurricanes - Katrina and Rita most recently before we moved to Texas. 
3. have you made summer vacation plans?
I've have Abby signed up for swim lessons and am signing her up for soccer because she's really wanting to play but our vacation plans are no where near finalized. We have talked about going to see Grandma and Grandpa's new house on the beach in Virginia (the kids are going to love that - an even bigger sandbox!) Heck I'll love it too! And then probably a trip to see my parents (once maybe twice as it's not as far away.) I'm just not sure of any dates and should probably look at a calendar and start to figure that out soon so I can know what days/if any I'll be missing of working the Church nursery this summer.
4. what's your favorite accessory?
Hmm... I love my Epiphanie camera bag and carry it with me almost everywhere so I always have my camera with me.  
5. have you ever been thrown a surprise party?
No I haven't. 
6. are you friends with your neighbors?
Not really. Our next door neighbors I wave, say hi, make small talk if they are out. Beau is friends with the college age son that lives next door. 
7. what's the last movie you saw in the theater?
Fast Five - great movie! 
8 what's your favorite food network show?
I love Dinner Impossible, The Next Food Network Star during the summer and Chopped. 

Oh and if you've been reading here a while and remember this cute little vinyl chalkboard labels I got a while back and used in our playroom - they are back! GroopDealz has them through today and this time they have both ovals like I got and rectangles. Super cute for all your organizational needs! (Though last time it was free shipping so that's a bummer that it's not free shipping this time) I found chalkboard contact paper last time I went to Michaels or else I would be tempted to get more of these. I need to get out my chalkboard vinyl I bought and get to work cutting out labels for the rest of the toy room buckets! And maybe some for the kitchen too! I just couldn't not mention this in case anyone was wanting these. 


Friday, May 13, 2011

Promotion Chapel

Abby had her promotion (graduation) chapel at school on Friday. It was adorable! They walked in with their classes and stood on the risers. Then they sang 3 of their normal chapel/Praise and Worship songs which I recorded on video. Then each class sat down, Ms. Selma gave a little Commencement speech about what they had learned in Chapel over the past year. Then each student was called up to their teacher and given a certificate of completion of preschool. So cute! She ran up to Mrs. Ham when her name was called with the biggest smile on her face!  

Here is one of the three songs they sang. It's the best of the three as far as my videography goes... really could have used a tripod here because the other two are pretty shaky. 

After everyone got their certificate they said a little prayer to finish chapel time and we got to celebrate with our graduates with a little snack! Abby is always so proud to show off her little brother and gave him a big giant hug while telling all her friends this is "my brother!" SO SWEET! Melts my heart! 

Then it was time for them to go to class and we ended up walking about behind their class so Micah ran up to them "Abby!" and walked with them until they got to the door. :)

I got the most adorable picture of Abby and her teacher Mrs. Ham... too bad it's out of focus and blurry.... my focusing ended up being on the heads of the people in front of us despite the fact that I thought for certain it was right when taking the picture. Not happy about that. Beau asked if I wanted to go up to the front... and I could have wiggled my way out of our row and around to the front but I wasn't sure I wanted to be that mom.... I really wish I would have now - I know for next time I will be that mom! I'm going to have to get a picture of Abby and Mrs. Ham next week before school is over! Abby really loves Mrs. Ham and Mrs. Ham loved her right back - she mention this morning how sweet and loving Abby is and that she'd gladly take Abby home with her. :) My sweet sweet girl!  

Next week is a big fun week at preschool as Monday is "wheels day" and she gets to bring her bike (or scooter - anything with non-motorized wheels.) Wednesday is Field day and that sounds like fun! Then Friday is the last day of school - sad - I think she is really going to miss all her friends - but they'll have a family picnic time where we can all join her for lunch with all her classmates and their families as well. 


Sunshine after the rain

Yesterday we finally after months and months got a much needed rain. We might have had a couple of mist showers in the past months but we haven't had any rain that has required rainboots, umbrellas or not leaving the house in I don't know how long. Of course that happened to be the morning that we had planned a play date to go to Sea World. Good thing I hadn't told Abby we might go in case of this rain that had been predicted. We were still wavering on going until about 9:30 when the downpour and lightening started - before that we still were thinking it might pass us over quickly without much rain like most of the rain has done recently. It ended up working out well that I had already made it to the gym (for the 8:10 cycling class) and was home before the rain started because otherwise we would have been caught at the gym in the rain.  

We pulled out some leftover Easter stickers and made some pictures. Actually these technically got pulled out as I searched for the broken (used to have the unlock/lock button part on it and now it's half a key) spare key to the car as I had locked my keys in the car - oops! (Thankfully the 1/2 a key worked and no pop-a-lock was required) But no matter the reason for pulling them out the kids were thrilled with the stickers and happily made pictures for about 15 minutes. 

Then we watched a little of Micah's favorite show. Usually he gets to watch Curious George while I get Abby ready for school, or make her lunch (if Beau isn't home since he'll make it if he's home), or in the short amount of time between dropping Abby and school and heading to the gym on school days. He'll know ask for the "mon mky" show when I get the remote. He loves it so much he got a Curious George shirt from my Grandma (thanks Mimi & Pappy!) to go with his new big boy khakis so he can match Daddy.  

Then meltdowns (from Micah because he was up at 6 am yesterday instead of the normal 7:30-8) and Abby (because she's 4 and was having an off day & we had to stay inside) began.  We pulled out the play dough. We haven't played with it in a while because the weather has been too good to waste being inside lately. We'll have plenty of days in the all too near future that we'll need to be inside out of the sun and heat to do play dough or crafts. Unfortunately it only lasted we had some lunch then an early nap and quiet time. 

After quiet time the rain was gone and the sun had begun to come out. Beau had taken the car to work so we had to hang out and wait for him to get home so we headed out to the porch and played with the water table until he got home. When he arrived home I suited up the kids and we headed for the spray park.... only we got there and found it closed for repairs. Not the best for a day in which meltdowns were frequent from one or both kids. Beau tried to remedy it with ice cream for everyone... but that only lasted until Abby was done eating hers. Then it was home for some dinner, a quick bath and a much needed bedtime. 

Today the sun was out bright and shiny. The grass is already looking so much greener everywhere! Abby had promotion chapel at her preschool this morning (more on that in the next post!) 

After returning from Abby's promotion chapel, Beau went to sleep after working last night and Micah and I spent 30-45 minutes playing trains. This boy is so silly! He started with an engine and a single car going around the track by the time we headed down for lunch he had every single train engine and car hooked onto the train - of course that meant they frequently got derailed. The words of the morning were "uh oh" and "help!" Ha! It was so fun playing train with this sweet little guy!   

During quiet time while Micah slept, I played ponies with Abby. Oh so fun! The two "sister" ponies had to have bows and went to several concerts, we fed them dinner, had bedtime and naptime.   Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow in her little imaginary world! 

Once Micah was awake and the pool was open we headed to swim since we couldn't go yesterday! Goodness did we have fun! Micah and Abby jumped from the side into the pool over and over with the biggest smiles on their faces. It was chilly in the pool - especially after the rain yesterday but I don't think the kids noticed. After about 35 minutes Micah started shivering but he refused to get out and wanted to jump and swim around more. Finally 10 minutes later with only a tiny bit of blue-ish tint starting to appear on his lips was he not throwing a fit about getting out and dried off. We sat on the side warming up in the sun while we watched Abby swim on the stairs for another 10 minutes before we left. During those last 10 minutes on the stairs Abby was finally comfortable enough to ditch the life jacket. I was so proud of her as she swam back and forth on the stairs and even got her face in the water a couple times. 
I'm already seeing our routine changing as summer is here and spring is leaving us. The bike rides will likely decrease as we spent more of our afternoons at the pool out of the heat. I'm sure there will still be plenty of bike rides but there will be even more afternoons at the pool and spray park which always wears the kids out!

We can home from the pool and ran a warm bath for the kids. After getting redressed we played some hide and seek. Micah found round one where we found Abby amusing but he wasn't sure about round two when Abby wanted me to hide since Micah didn't know where I went. He caught on though and we were all a load of giggles as we took turns hiding. Micah was a cheat though and peeked while others hide ;) He was happy when he got to find someone. It was a blast! 

It's days like today being able to spend time playing with both kids doing things like they and spending time with both kids enjoying time together that just replenish my mommy tank and make days like yesterday easier to get through. I so enjoyed the kids today they were all smiles and sunshine and the little loves of my life! I am so blessed with these two little ones and can't wait to see what tomorrow brings! 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday!

I'm loving.... this little 2 year old. He's been so super silly today, laughing and giggling all over the place! 

I'm loving my sweet 4 year old too. She was very sweet and played nicely with brother for a good hour outside while I deep cleaned the kitchen and den. (Though I should have waited on the kitchen because Micah ended up spilling his whole plate all over the floor, table & my chair when I got up to clear my plate - eek!) She made it all the way to the top of the rock wall with no trouble at all last night.  

I'm loving the cute summer dresses at Ann Taylor Loft  I think I need one (or two) but I'll wait for a sale since they have them often enough. 

I'm loving that we might actually get some much needed rain in the next day or two. As we haven't gotten a lot of the rain that's been predicted in the past two days I'm hoping we do end up getting some. Though if it would wait tomorrow afternoon instead of tomorrow morning that would be great but if we get rain at all I won't complain (too much) if it ruins our plans. 

What are you loving today? You can join the fun and link up here