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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday!

I'm loving this weather. Okay maybe not the fact that it's so hot already but the water play is so fun!

Last week one afternoon instead of playing on the driveway with the bikes, trikes, scooters, mini-cooper.... we headed out into the backyard to play in the sprinkler. It was 91 degrees and perfect for sprinkler weather - much better to play in some water today than the hot driveway in the afternoon sun! We need to get a baby pool for the backyard but haven't picked that up yet. The last two years I managed to bring home the smallest sized plastic baby pools home in the car but I think I want a bigger one this year since Micah will be playing in it more. (Plus probably also a small one as Honey needs one to lounge in during the hot summer!) 

I think Honey might love the sprinkler more than the kids do. Well especially more than Micah as he wanted nothing to do with the sprinkler with the exception of a minute while I held him near the mist. 
Abby got pretty silly and was fun to watch play in the sprinkler. She even danced a little and shook her booty. Ha! 
A refreshing mist from the sprinkler! 

I'm loving this Watermelon Agua Fresca. I haven't tried it yet but it looks so super yummy! I think I'm going to have to try this soon! I think it'd be perfect to sip and chat with some of my local mommy friends while we let the kids run in the sprinkler and play in the water table. Anyone want to come over next week for a playdate?
(image from Williams-Sonoma)

I'm loving this Madras quilted bedding for Micah's big boy bed. I just need to figure out where his bed and what size his big boy are going to be. I either need to clean out the office or make room in Abby's room and turn it into a shared bedroom. I think I'd prefer his own room so Abby still has a safe haven for her toys she doesn't want him messing with (Barbies, doll house) but cleaning the office out is such a huge task! (His bed is currently in our room - which works out because he teeth are keeping him from sleeping well recently and that makes it easier on me when he isn't sleeping well.)
(image from Pottery Barn Kids)

I'm still loving this Orange Chipolte glaze that we got when we were in Fredericksburg picking strawberries. It's awesome! I made sure Beau put it on the chicken we grilled for Easter and it's super tasty (though he doesn't like it as much as I do)

I'm loving this new Petunia Pickle Bottom/Ergo baby collaboration on a new beautiful Ergo Baby carrier. I wish I had an excuse to buy this but I don't think I do.... no I know I don't. Micah is only worn occasionally these days as he doesn't like to be contained (he'd rather run with the big kids!) and it's not like I don't have several other carriers. Besides I think that if I did sell off a few carriers I'd still have too many (in Beau's opinion) and it would probably be a better decision to get the Ergo Performance carrier for the heat here. (But that one just isn't as pretty!)
(image via Granola Babies)
I'm loving the new Les Mills releases (Body Combat 47 and Body Pump 78)  Together they are a killer workout. I did Combat Monday and Wednesday and Pump on Tuesday and I'm sore. The combat actually I don't find as tiring on my legs and the previous release (less kicking, lunging and squats) but the arms and shoulders especially are killer!
(image via Les Mills - we've been discussing but everyone says & heart rate monitors indicate that that calorie estimate on the poster is really low!)

Oh and I'm loving that it's 31 cent scoop night at Baskin Robbins tongiht (5-10pm) We headed out there and had dessert first tonight. The kids loved it! 

What are you loving this week? Head here to Jamie's blog and link up if you want to play along! 


Lisa said...

I had to laugh at myself as I was reading your post today. At a glance, I thought you were doing Les Miles workouts. I wondered how did he get his name on fitness routines? (At least workouts that are not football related.)

Kit said...

What awesome things you are loving today! Hope you had a great Wednesday!

stephanie rizzo said...

i'll come for a playdate and that pink drink :0)