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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday!

I'm loving my Bath Junkie lotion I got while we were in Ruston. I had to pick a different scent that I had before and the Honeysuckle Springly that I ended up picking smells so good and the lotion is just wonderful. It was hard to pick which kind I wanted (they have like 4-5 different lotion options) and I'm sure they are all great but it's hard to pick because once you try one it's hard to compare to a second when the first is already on your hands ya know? I ended up going with the Body Dessert lotion.

I'm loving this pancake recipe from Annie's Eats. I like to cook from scratch when I can but pancake mix is just so easy to cave and not make from scratch but after we finished the last of our last box of mix I decided that since it isn't difficult to make from scratch I'm going to take that extra step. I am just so glad I did. These were the best pancakes ever! And we didn't even use the chocolate chips - I just used the basic recipe to make the buttermilk pancakes. I did add a little extra milk (in addition to the buttermilk) to thin the batter down a little because it was much thicker than we like our pancakes. They came out so fluffy and tasty! I won't be going back to a mix for pancakes ever again!

Pinterest! It's basically your own personal online bulletin boards. Instead of saving links and trying to remember what you saw where, you can 'pin' an idea and it will save the idea on whatever bulletin board you tell it to complete with a link back to where you found it at. I've got so many bulletin boards full of birthday party ideas, decorating ideas, photography inspiration, crafts I want to do with the kids, crafts to do on the silhouette, clothes.... Then you can also see what other people are 'pinning' and get every more ideas! I could spend hours finding ideas!

Tom's shoes - I didn't like the look of these at first but they've grown on me and I really want a pair 
now. I just can't decide what color! I've been eyeing the red but when I went to get a picture I came across these stonewashed denim ones that I really like. 

These itty bitty girls sized Tom's are adorable as well! I think Abby may need a pair! (Well except that the darling already has many pairs of wonderful equally cute shoes!)

{all images via Toms}

I'm loving that Lowes is giving away free trees on Earth day (4/23.) I'm not sure where I could plant a tree - but if it's little I could always put it in a pot for now and then plant it later.  That's even better than the reusable bag that Target gave away last Sunday (which of course I had to stop on the way to Church to get one ha!)

I'm loving my flip & tumble bags - even a year (or more?) after I got them. They come in all sorts of pretty colors and when you aren't using them they squish up into a little built in pouch to make a ball that is so easy to toss in your bag so you never forget them. At least that's the idea... unless you forget to put the ball back into your bag after unloading items from it. I love them none the less though.
{image from Flip & Tumble}

I'm currently loving the sweet sleeping baby cuddles I'm getting right now. I'm sad Micah isn't feeling well (he was feverish last night) but I do love the fact that he's sacked out on me right now as I type. It's not often he sleeps on my shoulder any more. 

What are you loving today? If you want to play along you can link up with Jamie

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Kit said...

Love this post!
Great things you are loving today!