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Monday, April 04, 2011

water beads

A couple weeks ago my mentoring moms group got together at our mentor's house for a fabulous night of fun and fellowship. Our sweet mentor Julia sent us all home with these water beads. Technically they are for arranging flowers (similar to marbles) but her grandkids loved playing in them and she thought our little ones might like them as well. 

Water beads come in a teeny tiny package and don't look like much at first but then you soak them in water and they grow into small marble sized balls that are fun to run your hands through. They bounce too ha! 
Both my kids love them! (Though the hubby isn't so thrilled with them) It's a fun activity for them to play with while I cook dinner or clean up afterwards. 
*All play time with these is closely supervised to make sure none are eaten. :)


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