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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Trains, okapis, prairie chickens and more

Today was our normal playdate Thursday. We don't always have playdates every Thursday but we try for most of them. We decided to hit up the zoo this week. We are trying to hit it as often as possible before it gets too hot to really enjoy it. Today was just perfect weather for it. Overcast, warm but not hot and surprisingly not that crowded. I was afraid it was going to be really crowded with the number of school busses dropping off kids but I think most of those bus loads of kids ended up heading into the park instead of the zoo. 

Not only was it not that crowded but the docents were out in full force around the exhibits answering questions and talking about the animals in general. They were so nice! And since the weather was lovely all the animals were out and enjoying it so we got to see most of them! 

Abby loved this okapi. He walked back and forth along the fence so all the kids could get a good look at him (her?) The zoo actually has two of these but they have separate enclosures but from what the docent said to one of the little kids the two have "been married" for about a year so they are hoping for babies in the future. Ha! 
The okapi was Abby's favorite until we got to this new exhibit. The docent who asked us if we had seen it so we didn't miss it (as it was behind a corner that we could have easily missed!) mentioned the armadillos and giant salamanders in the exhibit but didn't mention these guys. We got to to the end and saw them Abby was quite happy to watch these prairie chickens. The little guy in the front was putting on quite a show. I wished I had brought my big camera to video him! We'll have to go back and do that! The male has the yellow on his cheek-ish area that he was puffing out to attract his female friend (hiding in the back behind the wood pieces in the corner - she kinds blends in.) Not only was he doing that but he was talking/singing up a storm, and could come to the fence and talk to the kids. Then he would dance around stomping in the dirt. Abby started imitating his little dance and that was so cute! 
Then a quick play time in the kids area. Micah loves this fishing area almost as much or more than Abby did when she was this age. He's getting pretty good at it! I just have to make sure he doesn't fall in! 
Then because everyone was well behaved we took a ride on the train before heading home. Abby got the biggest smile on her face when we mentioned that we would ride the train today! 
It was a wonderful playdate with friends and wore my kids out! Micah took an excellent nap when we got home, Abby became overtired and misplaced her listening ears in the evening because she was so worn out for our morning adventure.

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