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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday zoo trip

This is I think our 3rd zoo trip in 5 weeks? All of which were on a Thursday. It's like our day to go to the zoo now. Grandma came with us today - which the kids and I loved!

I had big plans to head to the cycling class before heading to the zoo. So I told Abby the plan to which she replied "Walking is exercise mommy and we are going to walk ALL around the zoo tomorrow." I don't think she wanted to go. I still put them to bed early so they would be up early enough if I did decide to go.  I was 4th on the waitlist (only 12 bikes as 2 are broken) so I debated it but didn't want to go if I wasn't sure I'd be likely to get a bike. I've become a group exercise junkie and I lack motivation to workout on my own on the gym floor! Turns out there was a bike leftover that would have been mine had I gone (Beau was there and ended up cycling this morning.) Oh well I'll know for next time...

Back to the zoo highlights....

When we got there Abby took off as our little tour guide. She knows the zoo pretty well now! She kept telling us what we were going to see next and would take off in that direction.

We got to the Gibbons and they were having a blast swinging around their exhibit. When we got to the window to watch them up close the dad of the family jumped right up into the window right in front of where Abby was smiling then ran off for a second and came back. Both times it made Abby jump back just a little. I think I would have jumped back as well if I were her!

In the Africa exhibit we saw the big giant boa constrictors and one of them was actually moving around and had his head on the wall right next to where the kids were. He was moving all around and the kids loved this.
We actually got the see the new Zebras today! They weren't out last time we were here and the times before that they didn't have one at the zoo. Now they have two!
Abby really really wanted to feed the Lorikeets.... or rather watch mom and Grandma feed the lorikeets as she didn't want to hold the nectar. As soon as we walked through the doors I had one land on either shoulder. Neither of those two actually wanted the nectar I was holding but they did like to sit on my shoulders.  As we moved on through exhibit I ended up with another bird landing on my head. The kids thought this was hilarious!
Grandma got one to sit on her shoulder. She also had several that wanted to try and eat her bracelet.
Micah thought it was so funny for a bird to be on mommy's head that he wanted one on his own head!
Here are those prairie chickens I talked about last time! This was the primary reason of bringing the big camera today. I really wanted a video of the male doing his little dance. I really am not a good videographer so you'll have to look closely at his feet and you'll be able to see him stomping. If you listen closely you can also hear the sound he makes as his puffs out his cheeks to impress his little lady friend. 

We really love the zoo and are trying to go as often as possible before it really gets too hot in like 2 more weeks. Today the weather was just perfect! We'll head out to Sea World more often than the zoo over the summer because while it's still just as hot there are a lot more water features to cool down in! Hope you had a wonderful Thursday and a great Friday tomorrow!

Okay so there was one more new exhibit today and we must have missed last time in the same section as the prairie chickens and armadillo.... naked mole rats. These are the weirdest little guys. One was going to town on a carrot and another showing off his huge teeth. So if you don't want to see these guys you'll want to stop reading now.... nothing but naked mole rat pictures after this!

And here you have the naked mole rats. Such strange little guys! 


1 comment :

Kim said...

Great pics, Katie! We really need to make a zoo trip soon before it gets too hot and the animals hibernate, LOL!