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Friday, April 22, 2011

Show us your life: How to stay organized

Okay so I'm not the best at staying organized but after my spring cleaning bug hit a couple months ago I've been trying to get better at it. I'm still not great but most rooms are picked up and clean each day (at least for 5 minutes before the little hurricanes come back through.)

1. Laundry - I try to do a load or two a day to keep up with it. Then every other day or so when I have one set of loads (4-5 loads - whites, kids clothes, our clothes, pinks/reds & towels) I take them upstairs and fold them. Once I get the kids clothes folded, I put Abby and Micah to work and have them put away their clothes. I need to switch the drawers around so Micah can reach his drawer better because he loves to take his clothes while Abby is taking hers. If I ended up doing this chore after the kids go to bed in the evening (which is another good tip because I can fold clothes and have mommy time watching whatever shows I want) then I'll put all the kids clothes in a basket to put away with the kids later so they help with putting away their clothes. I'm taking advantage of the fact that they love to help right now so that hopefully just maybe they'll still help later! They might not stay as folded or organized in their drawers as I would like but that's going to happen the next time Abby decides to get clothes out anyway so I'm not really worried about that.

2. Bathroom cleaning - it's no fun but it's got to be done! My friend Wendy shared this little schedule with our mentoring moms group and it's an easy way to clean your bathroom a little bit each day. Most tasks take less than 5 minutes so it's easy to just do one quickly and be done.

Monday - mirrors 
Tuesday - tub 
Wednesday - wastebasket 
Thursday - throne 
Friday - floors 
Saturday - sink 

I try and follow this for the master bath and then I'll clean the kids bath once a week while they are in the tub and clean the tub after they are out.  

I have a Lonaberger basket on the bathroom counter to hold my make up, headbands, pony tail holders and keep it from taking over the counter. Then I have a basket under the sink to hold other various lotions, extra conditioner, hair gel to keep it somewhat organized. 

3. Keeping the kitchen clean - I try and load up the dinner dishes, wipe up the table and do as much as possible to get the kitchen clean from dinner while the kids are out feeding & watering the dog after dinner is over. Then I run the dishwasher and have a load of clean dishes to put away in the morning while or after fixing breakfast and then it's empty to fill with the day's dishes. 

4. The playroom - 
We have two of the 9 cubby storage shelves from Target - I have 6 baskets and the rest house larger toys and books. I recently found these chalkboard vinyl labels to put on the baskets so they are labeled. I really want to take pictures and use hang tags to put them on the baskets until the kids can read though. Abby at least usually knows what goes in each basket already but the labels make it look  nice. 
I really want to get the Expedit shelves from ikea to house even more toys/books that are overflowing the ones we have. 

Source: ikea.com via Katie on Pinterest

5. Paperwork & miscellaneous - okay so this is where I really need help. We have a little ledge in our living room - opening to the kitchen and that's where the keys, mail, stuff ends up and drives me insane. Eventually the paperwork makes it into piles in the office/craft room but I need a serious filing system to do something with it. During project simplify I did good sorting through it but didn't get to filing it and I really need to do that!

I have been looking off and on for over a year for a dresser I can use to do this with. I really want something like this to go in our living room for when we walk in the door. Mail, art projects, ect can be neatly stored away in here and look pretty and not take over.  I just haven't been able to find that perfect dresser yet. I'm not a morning person so I haven't made it out to garage sales early enough to find one there and I don't want to pay what people are asking on Craigslist.

Today I'm liking this up with with Kelly at Kelly's Korner. So head over and link up if you have any great organizational tips or if you want to see everyone else's tips!

1 comment :

Erin Branscom said...

Where did you find your chalkboard labels at? I would love some like those. Love your blog, great tips, I am following your blog! :) Erin