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Monday, April 18, 2011

Ruston trip

I've got one more post of pictures from our trip up to Ruston to catch up on! 

I knew we'd have some downtime where Abby and Micah would have a lot more energy than Aunt Scarlett & Uncle Nick's apartment could handle. So instead of having to drive out to the park I brought their bikes to ride around the parking lot and they loved that! They are so loving the bikes lately! (I can't wait for the bike parade and egg hunt at our gym this weekend with how much they love their bikes!)

Then after naptime we had some time to kill to let the new parents get a little rest so we headed out to downtown Ruston (which is not at all like downtown here and very easy to drive or walk around in!) First stop - the Frothy Monkey coffee shop - because Beau really wanted the drink called a frothy monkey. I'm not sure the exact ingredients of this drink but I know it includes some banana flavor syrup - the same syrup they were out of this time and the last time Beau was in Ruston back at Thanksgiving. He's not even quite certain they served this drink anymore and it's just a tease on the menu since 2 out of 3 times he's been they haven't had it! Meanwhile my iced chai tea was fantastic.... but would have been even better without the rant about them being out of the frothy monkey ha! 

Being in a college coffee shop does wonders for little minds - they quickly became chess masters. ;-) 
I love how little Micah looks here with his feet so far from the floor!

Our trip to downtown also included a browse around the children's shoppe (nothing there I needed - at least until I have another little one to dress - lots of cute baby things!) Then we headed to the pet store. The college girl working in there was very nice and talked to the kids about all the animals and even got out the ferret to let them hold. Watching Micah hold the ferret was a little nerve racking as he isn't exactly very careful and tried to fold the ferret up to hold her like he does his blanket. Then he tried to pull her out of Abby's hands to have another turn. Yikes! No ferrets were harmed and no fingers bitten thank goodness! And finally a quick trip in the newly opened Bath Junkie - they had apparently discontinued a scent that combines to make my favorite scent (boo!) but I found a new one I like and got a little bottle of lotion that I am loving!

When we got back to Aunt Scarlett's place Grandma had a present for the kids. She had found these cars that when you shake them up they go. The kids had a blast shaking and racing the cars. 
Micah had the biggest smiles on his face the whole time! He did need a little help shaking his car though since he wouldn't shake it hard or long enough to really get it going! 
While I got some good pictures of baby Rusty and some cute ones of my own kids playing I realize that I failed to get any pictures of the kids with their new cousin! I hope Grandma got some! 

1 comment :

Jennifer Edwards said...

Wow, Micah has really shot up since I saw him last...and I know it hasn't even been that long!