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Friday, April 29, 2011

Random Ramblings

A couple days ago we decided to get a new game for the Wii the whole family could play together. Abby loves singing along to the Veggie Tales cds we have (from Chick-fil-a 4 songs each + the theme song .... over and over and over) so we got this Disney sing along game. Never mind that I can't sing but it's fun to sing along to classic Disney movie songs! Micah even enjoys singing along. 
Wednesday night was Baskin Robbin's 31 cent scoop night. We headed over there for dessert before dinner. Yum! I tried the new Firehouse 31 cinnamon and vanilla ice cream.
Abby of course picked the pink and purple bubble gum flavor.
And Micah got a scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough.
This morning after the gym Micah and I headed across town because I couldn't pass up the one day deal Whole Foods had going on with $1.99 organic strawberries. Yum! We've already gone through one carton. I'm now wishing I had gotten more than I did. We love strawberries!

Tomorrow the pool and spray park open at our gym! I'm so excited! We can also go to Grandma's pool whenever we want but it's pretty far away compared to the 5 minutes (or less if we hit all 3 lights on green) to the gym. Plus it's refreshing after a workout to go swim or play in the spray park. It's only open on the weekends for now until the end of May when school is out.

I did end up watching bits and pieces of the Royal wedding this morning because Micah decided as his second birthday approaches that he needed to revert back to newborn like sleeping and was very restless from about 3:30 until he and Abby woke up at 7. While cooking dinner and while trying to rock Micah to sleep I rewatched it all fast-forwarding the DVR through the talking. Princess Kate looked so pretty!

Anyone have good plans for the weekend? It's going to be a low key but busy weekend for us here with the gym and working in the Church nursery 3 times this weekend (Saturday service, Sunday morning as my parent volunteer weekend - and last one in the baby wing as this is Micah's last weekend in the 19-24 month room, and Sunday afternoon/evening) I'd love to try to hit the spray park as well but not sure if we'll get a chance this weekend.

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