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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Random Ramblings

1. The new Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummond) book came out today. Charlie The Ranch Dog . It looks adorable. I meant to go out and get it today but I forgot and ran out of time. I can't wait. I think my kids will love it. I really hope she comes nearby for a book signing for this book since she didn't come very close to us for the Black Heels to Tractor Wheels book tour. By the way I'm also so very excited that she is getting a Food Network show! How awesome is that?!

2. Abby got the movie Tangled for Easter and it's hilarious. We are having a picnic dinner and watching it for a second time tonight. Beau cooked red beans and rice because that's what he was wanting and the kids are actually eating it! (Maybe Abby is too distracted by the movie to realize what she was eating? I was almost certain she'd at least complain about it once but not a peep from her!) Micah gobbled down/spilled 3 servings of it. Thank goodness for the towels I put down.

3. Micah was exceptionally crabby this morning so I put him down for a nap early (he said he wanted to when I asked) so he woke up from his nap early - only about 45 minutes after naptime usually starts. So we decided to head out and spend our first afternoon of the year at the pool. The kids had an absolute blast! We stayed until Beau was bored (it's his weekend so he was off today) and Micah had started shivering. The pool is still a tad cold but it felt pretty good compared to the 91 (felt like 94 degree) weather we had today. Grandma even came and joined us for a little while. (It was the pool in her neighborhood that they so nicely let us use whenever we want!) I can't wait our gym pool and spray park to open this weekend. Abby starts her first ever (non-mommy teaching) swim lessons at the end of May. No pictures because I didn't want to bring the camera to the pool!

4. The UPS man (funny since the tracking yesterday said it was coming via FedEX) dropped off a yummy package for me from the Easter Bunny. The best ever jelly beans. Russell Stover Pectin Jelly Beans. Oh man are they good. Even Beau said they were by far the best he'd ever had. They beat any other jelly beans you can buy hands down. Unfortunately they are nearly impossible to find around here.
Russell Stover Pectin Jelly Beans, 12-Ounce Bags (Pack of 4)

5. Micah has been mistakingly called "she" a couple times in the past week. I'm debating getting his hair cut after his 2nd birthday (in 10 days eek!) but I don't want him to lose 'babyish' look and instead look like a little boy. Daddy says cut it when I asked him his opinion but I don't want to lose those baby curls!

6. Only 10 more days until my baby turns 2. I still need to do lots of party prep in the next week and 1/2. I've got the ideas and some of the supplies but I've got lots more to do and lots of baking as well! I'm excited for his party! I also need to figure out what he's getting as a birthday present from us!

7. I went to Body Pump for the 2nd Tuesday in a row (skipped Tuesdays before because of Bible class on Tuesdays which is now over until the fall) and this evening I'm already super sore. Ouch! Maybe I'll look swim suit ready by August at this rate. Ha!

That's all I've got today. More pictures and a What I Love Wednesday tomorrow!


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