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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Random ramblings

A couple days ago during quiet time, Abby was watching a show and looked over at her and saw this: 
Yup in case you couldn't tell what was going on, little teddy was nursing. Ha! 

Then yesterday I was changing the sheets and remaking the bed. Micah decided at this point instead of playing with sister while she finished getting her swimsuit to head out to the sprinkler that it was time to go night-night - despite the fact nap had just ended 30 minutes before that. He's cute as can be but that wasn't very helpful for making the bed. 

Oh boy Micah's gonna love me for this one day. I'm so proud of him though. We haven't started anything besides just introducing him to the potty but he is rocking it! He got to pick a candy from the Easter hunt as a reward for going potty. He got his reward and then wanted to sit back on his potty again. He then spent the next two hours running around without clothes and didn't have any misses! (At least none I saw - he'll usually point it out to me if he does)

This morning we headed to Hobby Lobby for a few craft supplies to finish Micah's birthday invites. I can't believe my itty bitty turns 2 in less than 3 weeks! We spent part of quiet time putting them together. Abby thought that was a lot of fun - and had some of her own ideas about how they should look. Good thing I had an extra invite I cut out just for her so she got to do her own thing on that one. She really loves crafting but we haven't done very much of it lately because we've been soaking up all the lovely spring weather outside instead. I'll try and share a preview of the invites this evening or tomorrow but Micah's waking up from his nap now so no time to upload the pictures I just took! Now that Micah is up I think we are headed out to another craft store to pick up the chalkboard paint I forgot to get this morning and some envelopes since they didn't have the right size at Hobby Lobby.

1 comment :

Unknown said...

I LOVE that photo of Abbie. It's very flattering and pretty. Awesome angle. I just keep looking at it.

Audrey likes to help me make the bed too by climbing in and pretending to nap. Not very helpful.