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Monday, April 18, 2011

Meet my sweet nephew

Last weekend we took our whirlwind trip to visit and meet our new nephew/cousin - my sister-in-law's baby. He's just precious and I got to practice my photography taking some pictures of him. I think I could a couple sweet ones.

 {sweet baby yawns}

I wish I would have gotten more but I couldn't/didn't get all the ones that I wanted to in my head... they just didn't come through the way I wanted. :-( I need more practice... anyone have a newborn I can borrow? Ha! 

Beau was worried I would get baby fever from visiting and holding a newborn again. I think he forgets that once a month I go to mentoring moms and see lots of pregnant mommies & newborns and that I work in the baby nursery every Saturday caring for the 3-12 month age group so I'm always seeing babies. I'm doomed to get it. Ha! I think it was him to be worried about when I saw him holding his new nephew. :-) 


Jennifer Edwards said...

Precious! You took some great shots!

driller said...

I like the one with his name. I'm pretty sure he responds to "Driller" best.