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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

A little of this and that

This morning we headed to Bibleland for our second to last class of the semester. I did this super cute craft with my 13-18 month babies. I put together the chicks and then added their hand prints. I (and I think the parents) liked the results as well. I got the idea from Meet the Dubiens blog. I'm so glad she likes handprint crafts because they are so adorable and I especially love them to do with my nursery class. I plan on doing this craft with my own little ones as well in the near future (as in probably tomorrow!)

This afternoon, after Micah's 3 hour nap (I guess he's making up for not taking one on Sunday?) we headed outside to enjoy the afternoon. Micah and Abby had run off and started playing Barbies while I was rounding up shoes and a glass of water so they brought them outside with them. I find it so cute that Micah is really wanting to play with Abby lately.... even if that means playing Barbies. He's little so a little bit of girly Barbie play won't hurt him right? ;)
Do they make Barbie bike seats? 
While they rode around the driveway and front yard I found a sunny spot in the driveway and tried to soak up a little sun. I'm enjoying my pretty pedicure from when Gigi was here over the weekend. 
After dinner we headed out to take our evening bike ride but Mr. Opinionated is becoming obviously a two year old and had other ideas. He finally really got and enjoyed riding his balance trike (similar to a balance bike but it doesn't require balancing since it has 4 wheels instead of two) while we were out before dinner and he wanted to continue riding his bike and not ride on mommy's bike.
So we ended up going up and down the street.... very....very... slowly with Micah on his trike. It was adorable and he was so happy and proud of himself - it made me smile. 
We did have to stop a couple times so that Micah could pick a dandelion and blow it. 
After a couple trips on the bikes we took one spin in the mini and then it was time for baths and bed. 

Too bad Micah wasn't sleepy from his nap. So he ended up watching the end of the Rangers game and reading books with me. Abby on the other hand was overtired and had a rough time going to sleep. Especially once she realized that Micah wasn't going to sleep but she eventually crashed and hopefully will sleep well. 

Micah also said what I'm going to call his first sentence. On the way home from Bible class he took of his shoes (pretty normal) when I opened the door to get him unbuckled he started by saying his favorite word "walk" but then he said "walk, shoes, uh-oh!" Ha! He knew I wouldn't let him walk without shoes and they weren't on his feet anymore! Silly, smart boy! Though on Sunday he was in the nursery room next store (as I was teaching a 13-18 month class and he was in the 19-24 class) and his teacher (also his pediatrician) was holding him when he got upset (he's having a few separation anxiety moments lately) and she told him "Mama is with the babies" so he would whine back to her "mama, babies!" 

Tomorrow is an exciting day.... My sister-in-law is issuing the little one in her belly an official eviction notice at 5 am. So our prayers are with her for a safe and easy delivery with no complications. We can't wait to meet little Rusty - though I'm sure the soon to be mama and daddy are more excited! 

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