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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Invites & Girls Night Out!

Here are the invites Abby and I worked on this afternoon. I cut out the dog face with the silhouette. It actually has little stubby feet on the bottom but I didn't care for them but instead of changing the shape while I was cutting it out I used it as a place to glue a collar to because I wanted the puppy dogs to have collars. 
I had purposely cut out an extra for Abby and since she ended up helping me put the faces on she got the chance to do her puppy face herself. She purposely said she wanted to do her mouth differently and then she came up with writing the name on the collar herself. I wrote Micah's name on the collar of the one for his (eventual) scrapbook. I didn't put names on the rest of the invite's though because all but one of the guests have multiple kids per family and I didn't think 2-3 names per collar would look right!
Any guesses as to the theme of the party yet? :) I'm so excited about it! I think all of my friends know just about every detail of the party already - and have for like 2 weeks already - because I'm that excited about it!

This evening I got to spend it enjoying dinner with my mentoring moms group - the same set of friends that know all about Micah's party way in advance. It's always so wonderful and soul nurturing to spend time out with such sweet friends. The whole group with the exception of our mentor who wasn't feeling well today were able to be there. We even had two of the three itty bitties join us as well.
 {Sweet Lincoln} 
Both Lincoln and baby Liam were such good babies during dinner with hardly a peep other than happy baby talk out of them! I tried to get a good picture of sweet Liam but the light had already gone and it came out blurry. :( Both babies are so adorable! 
A group shot after dinner - I don't think I could ask for a sweeter, better group of friends!

The night out was made even better when I got home to everyone sleeping at home. Abby was asleep in her bed and Beau and Micah were sacked out in the living room chair. I was able to easily carry my sweet sleeping baby to bed and he stayed asleep the whole time. Beau had taken them to the gym with him and he was a little upset (poor thing!) and was exhausted and seems to be sleeping well tonight. He hasn't been sleeping well the past couple nights as I think he's getting more teeth.


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