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Thursday, April 07, 2011

The horrible, no good, very bad day

The day started with lots of promise. The kids slept well, we had a play date planned, we got out of the house almost on time (earlier than normal!)

Our playdate went well other than Abby not listening a couple times and Micah getting a little cling-ier than normal midway through the play date.

We got home, said goodnight as Beau headed off to sleep and it was still going okay until I set about making lunch and emptying the dishwasher.  I shut the fridge only to realize moments after I had walked towards the den to give something to one of the children that someone had placed the empty huge glass apple juice jug on top of the (unlevel) fridge. This was reveled to me by the loud crash and shatter as it came down on the floor. Just great!

So now instead of heading to put the little one down for his nap, I'm cleaning up glass from all over the floor. I get the glass swept, think I got all of it. Rush to put the Micah down so I can wake him up in a tiny bit over an hour to take Abby to ballet. After he's asleep I spend the rest of naptime mopping the floor to insure no more tiny glass shreds are on the floor.

Abby gets ready for ballet, I wake up Micah (he's cranky about it) get our shoes on - only to find the circuit that controls the living room light and fan, half bath light and the front porch inside/outside lights has gone from flickering to completely out. And it's not just circuit breaker that has been switched - that doesn't work to fix it.  Great - but at least it's not something I need to deal with right then. Off to ballet.

After ballet it's a stop at Target for laundry detergent and HEB for some groceries.... only to find we've lost our listening ears somewhere along the way, Micah didn't get his whole nap and wants to "walk"..... but we managed. Not the easiest trip but I think we got what we needed. I think only because Beau thinks we have no variety and nothing to "snack on" but when asked what he wants from the store he says nothing... go figure?

We give Beau a wake up call on the way home (the same trip that Abby puts her shoe in Micah's face) only to find he didn't get up and is upset we didn't make sure he got up. Abby goes into time out for the shoe in Micah's face and pinching him while we put away groceries. (Which Abby going into time out is what ended up waking up Beau.)

Fast forward to dinner prep time I start washing some dishes including the blender from a smoothie Beau made earlier only to slice my thumb. While I run upstairs for a bandaid a mischievous little girl pushed a chair over and got into the bag of suckers and hides when I come back downstairs.

Then dinner is ready I give the kids each a cup of milk - Micah loves to have a big boy cup at meal time and does really well with it. Except today. Not a minute later it's spilled all over the floor. Then I make the mistake of refilling (it's only a 1/3rd full each time) and giving it back only to have it spilled all over the table. Got those two spills cleaned up, ate dinner, and now half of Micah's dinner is all over the nice clean floor.

Thank goodness for bedtime! I'm exhausted! Unfortunately Micah isn't wanting to sleep... teeth? overtired? I think I'm off to lay with him and both of us go to bed. Hopefully tomorrow is better.

*I went back and forth on posting this because I don't like to sound whiney but this is my little space and we got through today and will have a better today tomorrow. It isn't always peachy around here but the kids and I haven't had a day this rough in a long time.


Lisa said...

Sorry you all had such a tough day. Tomorrow is a new day! Hope it is a better one!

stephanie rizzo said...

glad we were the bright spot in your day...and it is good medicine to vent sometimes... you are an awesome woman katie!!!

Leah said...

Glad you shared! It's nice to see the real stuff occasionally and know I'm not alone in my crazy days.

Trey is totally the same as Beau about groceries! Everything is boring . . . well, what do you want? Nothing. Arghh. . .

Traci said...

Sharing here is what makes everyone else realize how normal we all are! EVERYBODY has a bad day. Hope today was better. Have a great weekend!