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Sunday, April 24, 2011

He is Risen!

(image via GodVine)

I hope ya'll have had a wonderful Easter weekend! It's been a wonderful weekend here. Other than having another sick child this weekend as Abby ran a fever off and on Friday evening - Saturday evening. 

This is going to be a very picture heavy post as I catch up on our past couple days! Earlier in the week on Thursday while Micah was sick we spent the morning making pictures with some stickers. I had bought a big container of 500 stickers to fill Easter eggs for various hunts we were participating in. I had a few left over so I pulled out a couple pages of card stock and let the kids go to town. I helped Micah as the backs on the stickers were hard for him to pull off. 

Showing off their pictures - Abby only wanted to use the sparkly ones so only eggs and butterflies!

Saturday morning we thought Abby was feeling better as she was running around like normal so we figured she was okay to go on the bike parade and egg hunt/relay race at the gym. We had decorated the kids bikes the night before and they got to ride them in a 'parade.' It was really cute. Micah had so much fun he tried to join in when it was the big kids turn to go again. Daddy had to steer him out of the parade route. 
Abby had fun but she also wanted to know why they had to go around and around over and over again (she ended up doing 3 laps around the parade route.)
Then it was time to hunt eggs. Daddy took Micah to the 2 & under section and he got to get pretty much as many eggs as he wanted. Beau said he had a blast. I took Abby to the 3-4 year old group and they had a egg hunt relay race style. They first had to bunny hop out and grab 5 eggs, then once everyone is back they skipped out and collected 3 more. Finally they had walk out and get 3 more. 
Micah came over and was excited to show Abby his eggs and more importantly the "ca-ny!" in them.
This morning the Easter bunny made his visit. Last night the before we headed up for bed Abby insisted we clean up all the toys that were out so the Easter Bunny would have room. HA! 

After the kids were asleep the Easter bunny made his appearance. The bunny might have a shopping problem as the baskets were overflowing! 
Micah got an adorable stuffed duck, egg shaped chalk, a train, an outfit, two books and a chocolate bunny.

Abby got a new Barbie and some clothes (she's loving playing with her Barbies lately!), a leapster game, Tangled DVD, two sets of pjs (had only planned on one until I saw another pair I knew she would love and couldn't pass up!) and a chocolate bunny as well. 

Of course the presents are not the reason for the holiday but I couldn't resist spoiling the kids! I hadn't intended on having quite as many things in there but I had some gymbucks that needed to be used if I was going to use them last week and so those went in the bucket. 

The kids loved their baskets! 

After the baskets were opened we got ready for Church and headed off early because we knew it would be crowded. I worked in the nursery for the Friday and Saturday services and on Saturday there were 15 babies in the 3-12 month nursery! (Normal is anywhere between 4-8, the most we've had recently is 10) Abby had been asking for a couple weeks to go to big Church so she came with us into big Church and Micah went into the nursery. Next week will be a sad week as it will be his last time in the 19-24 month room with his teachers who I love (one of which is his pediatrician.) He'll be moving to one of the 2 year old room the week after that. 

After Church it was time we came home and fixed lunch. Grandma and Uncle Kevin came over to eat with us. Beau cooked a yummy lunch of grilled chicken, corn, pineapple, twice baked potatoes. I made some garlic knot rolls and Grandma brought a cheesecake sampler for dessert. 

After lunch and dessert it was time for some cascarones! Grandma brought them as a surprise for Abby after reading about how much she enjoyed them. Micah hadn't seen them before so he was in for a fun time as well. Abby quickly showed him what to do with them. 
Then she patiently waited while Micah got to crack one on her head. He had a little trouble cracking the eggs but he got it and laughed and ran over to me for another egg!
I gave Beau the camera and got in on the fun after they cracked a couple on his head! I got to crack one on both Abby and Micah's heads and let them crack some on my head! 
It took a while before Micah actually cracked his but he got it and had fun doing it!
Grandma even got in on the fun for the last egg!
This was our first year to take part in the cascarone tradition they have around here but I think it's a fun one that we'll have to keep around! 

It was a wonderful Easter spent with family. I'm so proud of Abby as well - she really knows why we are celebrating too. She was telling Beau all about Jesus dying on the cross and rising again while I was dropping Micah off in his Bible class. :) 


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