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Saturday, April 09, 2011

The H2O project

For the past several years our Children's Ministry, Bibleland, has teamed with Living Water International. The Church has a missionary family in Burkina Faso who partner with Living Water to bring clean water in the name of Jesus to the local people. Starting last weekend on Saturday, Sunday, Monday (preschool), Tuesday (Bible class during ladies Bible study), and possibly Friday (Abby said her typical "I don't know" when asked) and a possible recap today as well, Abby heard the presentation about the H20 project and bringing clean water to the kids that don't have any. The children are challenged to drink only water for two weeks and donate the money they would have spent on other drinks to the project. Now I have to admit that since I'm still giving Micah juice and water it would be nearly impossible to get Abby to understand why she can't have it and I don't want to attempt that so we aren't really giving up other drinks. 

However I was going to help her with a donation for her to bring and we've talked about it when having  a drink. I just hadn't actually put any chance in her cups yet. She's only 4.5 so she's not quite at the allowance, spending money age yet but this Bibleland project goes all the way from the 2s through the older kids. Which I think it's awesome to teach the little ones as well! 

During quiet time yesterday I heard some strange noises from Abby's room so I went to check on her and found her sitting on the floor dumping out her piggy bank. I asked her what she was doing and she  responded "getting money for the kids who don't have clean water." What a darling! When I told her she didn't have to dump her whole piggy bank and I'd help her get some money - she said "but I want to get my money from my piggy bank."  Seriously makes this mama's heart very proud of my sweet girl. 
After bath yesterday we rounded up our cups (one for Saturday, Sunday and preschool*) and put some money in each one. We went through and talked about how much each of the change pieces were worth and what it relates to in terms of a cup of juice or milk or a bottle of water.

*All the cups will end up going into the same fund but this way she can bring some to each of the classes she'll go to and participate each time.

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