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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Getting to know you Sunday

1. Do you weigh yourself?
Occasionally maybe once every two weeks or so at the gym - I don't have a working scale at home.
2. What's the nastiest thing you've ever eaten?
Yoda - yogurt soda with added salt - I guess that's technically a drink. It was on a youth group retreat and it was  gross! I don't know where they found it and who actually would enjoy it!
3. Snail mail or email?
Email 95% of the time.
4. Do you have any irrational fears...what are they?
Fears... yes don't we all? Irrational? I don't think so. 
5. Do you play an instrument?
No I'm not very musical. 
6. Would you rather be bitten by a snake or attacked by a bear?
Snake - even if it was venomous most have anti-venum available & it's only one bite.
7. Do you ever go braless in public?
No way!!!
8. Today i am thankful for........................?
My sweet kids. Abby has been so sweet and helpful today and Micah despite not wanting to nap has been a very sweet little boy today. 

Head on over to Mannland5 if you want to link up to the fun as well! 

My parents left yesterday after a wonderful long weekend visit. Abby (and Micah too I'm sure!) can't wait to see them again. Abby has already told Micah a couple times that Gigi will be coming back when it's closer to Micah's birthday. 
{pretty flowers my parents bought me - makes it look even more like spring}
This afternoon after spending time playing outside we headed back in for a snack, drink and dry off after playing in the water table. Since Micah decided he didn't want to nap today (eek he's acting more and more 'two' every day!) I discovered the movie Happy Feet was playing on tv and decided to let the kids watch a movie. I made some pizza dough and since the kids were still happy I decided to tackle some spring cleaning and went about cleaning the kitchen. Baseboards, made the table sparkling &shiny, cleaned the fronts of the cabinets, fridge, oven, dishwasher and steam mopped the floor. The works basically - as much as possible while the kids were happy. It stayed clean all of.... oh 5 minutes  until we made the pizza (it can't be made without help from the two little ones!) and then a messy two year old eating. 
{Yikes! :( }
And for dessert? Strawberries we picked fresh on Thursday. Super yummy - especially with homemade whipped cream (or frosting as Abby calls it.) All the berries we picked are almost gone. We love some berries around here! 

Hope ya'll have had a wonderful weekend and a great week ahead!

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