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Friday, April 08, 2011

Family night out

This evening Beau was off work and we decided to have a fun family night. Normally we'd hang around the house, swing in the backyard, bike ride, play around the house but we decided to change it up tonight and get out of the house. We decided to keep it low key but still lots of fun and headed to Double Dave's pizza.* 

(For my friend Stephanie - we had a coupon. :-) ) 

This pizza place and it's pepperoni rolls was introduced to me by my high school youth group. We had gone up to Texas A&M for Island Party (lots of fun by the way) and would eat in this one shopping center that had both a Double Dave's and a FreeBirds. Then we got one in the city I was living in and shortly after we moved here they opened a couple locations here as well. It's really delicious pizza. The best is the chocolate chip dessert pizza - it goes fast when they bring it out on the line too!  So not diet friendly and I feel like I need to go to 5 body combat classes back-to-back to work it off but it was oh so yummy! The kids were a mess by the time they were done eating - especially with the melted chocolate chips on the dessert pizza! Thank goodness for baby wipes! 

Not only is the pizza yummy but they have a little playground too. So after loading up the little one's bellies they got to run free and play. Lots of sliding went on. 
And some swinging by my little monkey man. (Even full of pizza he's got a tiny belly!)
What a sweet sibling moment to see them sliding together. Abby really looked out for her little brother on the playground. It was a little busy tonight with lots of kids (Micah being the littlest) and Abby watched out for Micah when any other curious little ones came up to him. (No bigger ones were mean to him or anything but another little girl must have thought he was cute because she kept coming up to him and Abby wasn't so happy about that)


All in all a much better day than yesterday! Anyone have fun plans for the weekend? On my to-do list for tomorrow is laundry and making a fiesta shoe box for the parade at Abby's school next week. Where we live has this big 10 day party called Fiesta. After living here for 4 years I'm still not sure what it's about. All I know is I've got to help Abby decorate a shoebox float. I've got a few ideas but I'm coming up short for what to put on the top of the float and not much time left to decide as I don't have much time to work on it after tomorrow. 

1 comment :

stephanie rizzo said...

we haven't gotten a coupon from there in a while and so jealous the one by our house doesn't have a playground...glad you had a nice family night out, i guess i really am that bad about coupons if you are writing about it in your blog.