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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Easter Baskets

Gigi has been staying with us the past couple days and while she has been here we've taken a trip (or two...) to Hobby Lobby. She came across a blog with a super cute idea for Easter baskets. We've got several baskets but nothing special or personalized. This year I wanted it to be different but wasn't sure how until Gigi showed me this post . The 2nd Hobby Lobby had the buckets we needed (and 50% off this week too!) but only in blue. I would have preferred the pink for Abby but now that I've finished her baskets I think it looks great in blue.

I drew out the oval, found a bunny shape in the Silhouette store and picked out fonts for the names then cut them all out using the Silhouette cutter. (Love the Silhouette!) 
This is where it got tricky. I'm not a mod podge expert in fact I haven't really used it that much at all. I didn't follow the instructions from the blog post where we got the idea and it turned out that was a bad idea. I ended up scrapping the first one I did for Abby by wetting the paper down and un-mod podging it from the bucket to start over. I had tried to just use elmer's glue to stick all the paper pieces together then mod podge a layer over the whole thing. That just resulted in bubbles in the paper, creases and torn little cursive lines. Not good. 

With Micah's I followed the directions better and mod podged the paper together, let that dry for a few minutes then mod podged it onto the bucket and that left no bubbles and looked fabulous. So I started over on Abby's the same way after cutting out a new name, oval and bunny. 
Voila! The front of the almost finished Easter basket. I still need to add a couple more layers of chalkboard paint on the back. (This means after Easter - if I want - I could turn them around and use them for toy storage! Or I might just hide them away until the following year and make others for toy storage!)
I love how both my kids names have an 'i' in the beginning of their name with fit perfect to also make that dot above the 'i' into the eye of the bunny. 
I can't wait for the kids to see them. I just can't decide if I want to show them when we go Easter egg hunting (though most hunts we go on they decorate bags before hand!) or if I want to save them for an Easter morning surprise along with the goodies inside.

I've figured out almost everything Abby is going to get in her basket. Micah I'm having a little bit harder time with but I'm starting to get a few ideas. 

I'm linking up with the Craftaholics Spring Silhouette link party


Heather said...

This is fantastic and I think I might steal it!

Holiday Snob said...

Love this! I might have to make some too, I'm so not loving the baskets I have!

Stopping by from I heart naptime

Holiday Snob said...

We just posted a feature on "what to put in your easter basket" and included your adorable buckets!


Feel free to add a featured button to your blog!

Kelly @ Run With Glitter said...

So cute! Thanks for linking back! http://runwithglitter.blogspot.com/

Rupali said...

Wonderful Easter Baskets. I can use them as my easter favors. Thanks for sharing.

Lilliana Gonzalez said...

Katie, these are too cute! Thanks for linking up and sharing this craft. I don't have a Silhouette but maybe I can freehand something cute. I'm so inspired. :-)