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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Church Easter program and Egg Hunt

Yesterday was our Church's 2nd annual Easter Program and Egg Hunt. We started with Praise and Worship in "big Church" (aka the main sanctuary) and then a very cute short video about Easter - because that is the real reason for Easter after all. Then we all headed outside for an egg hunt. There were 4 different hunt locations, one for 2 & unders, then 3 groups based on the first letter of your last name. We headed out with the big kid group for our last name and the kids were so excited to get some eggs. Micah was such a big boy and had to carry his "ba-ket" (He even had a fit on the way in about wanting to carry his basket and then he was made when I took the eggs out of it that we were bringing for the hunt.) 
Both kids were able to gather up a few eggs but Abby was sad she didn't get very many (only about 6-7) because she kept getting beaten by the bigger, older kids (there were ages 3-2nd grade hunting) We headed to the little kid area to see if they had any eggs left for hunting so Micah could easily get some and they had more than enough left there and both kids were very thrilled about that!

Abby showing off her eggs! 
Micah was quick to realize their was candy inside. Oh boy! 

Abby was quite the silly girl on the way out - she sat down to examine her eggs while Micah waved bye to the play ground and then she posed with her eggs for a very silly picture. 

Oh man did Micah quickly catch on about the candy in the eggs and I heard about it all the way home. Thank goodness there were some fruit snacks in one of the eggs to not give him too much candy! But at home he kept wanting to see his "ba-ket...candy" He's got a major sweet tooth! After Easter is over I think most of this candy is going to disappear and we'll have a sweets detox. 

1 comment :

Unknown said...

We only had 2 areas for hunting and Audrey really had a hard time collecting them. The saving grace for her was the 10 egg limit. But she didn't really understand what was going on.

All our eggs were filled with Tootsie rolls and gum. We took those away and let her go crazy with the stickers and tattoos.