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Friday, April 29, 2011

Random Ramblings

A couple days ago we decided to get a new game for the Wii the whole family could play together. Abby loves singing along to the Veggie Tales cds we have (from Chick-fil-a 4 songs each + the theme song .... over and over and over) so we got this Disney sing along game. Never mind that I can't sing but it's fun to sing along to classic Disney movie songs! Micah even enjoys singing along. 
Wednesday night was Baskin Robbin's 31 cent scoop night. We headed over there for dessert before dinner. Yum! I tried the new Firehouse 31 cinnamon and vanilla ice cream.
Abby of course picked the pink and purple bubble gum flavor.
And Micah got a scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough.
This morning after the gym Micah and I headed across town because I couldn't pass up the one day deal Whole Foods had going on with $1.99 organic strawberries. Yum! We've already gone through one carton. I'm now wishing I had gotten more than I did. We love strawberries!

Tomorrow the pool and spray park open at our gym! I'm so excited! We can also go to Grandma's pool whenever we want but it's pretty far away compared to the 5 minutes (or less if we hit all 3 lights on green) to the gym. Plus it's refreshing after a workout to go swim or play in the spray park. It's only open on the weekends for now until the end of May when school is out.

I did end up watching bits and pieces of the Royal wedding this morning because Micah decided as his second birthday approaches that he needed to revert back to newborn like sleeping and was very restless from about 3:30 until he and Abby woke up at 7. While cooking dinner and while trying to rock Micah to sleep I rewatched it all fast-forwarding the DVR through the talking. Princess Kate looked so pretty!

Anyone have good plans for the weekend? It's going to be a low key but busy weekend for us here with the gym and working in the Church nursery 3 times this weekend (Saturday service, Sunday morning as my parent volunteer weekend - and last one in the baby wing as this is Micah's last weekend in the 19-24 month room, and Sunday afternoon/evening) I'd love to try to hit the spray park as well but not sure if we'll get a chance this weekend.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday zoo trip

This is I think our 3rd zoo trip in 5 weeks? All of which were on a Thursday. It's like our day to go to the zoo now. Grandma came with us today - which the kids and I loved!

I had big plans to head to the cycling class before heading to the zoo. So I told Abby the plan to which she replied "Walking is exercise mommy and we are going to walk ALL around the zoo tomorrow." I don't think she wanted to go. I still put them to bed early so they would be up early enough if I did decide to go.  I was 4th on the waitlist (only 12 bikes as 2 are broken) so I debated it but didn't want to go if I wasn't sure I'd be likely to get a bike. I've become a group exercise junkie and I lack motivation to workout on my own on the gym floor! Turns out there was a bike leftover that would have been mine had I gone (Beau was there and ended up cycling this morning.) Oh well I'll know for next time...

Back to the zoo highlights....

When we got there Abby took off as our little tour guide. She knows the zoo pretty well now! She kept telling us what we were going to see next and would take off in that direction.

We got to the Gibbons and they were having a blast swinging around their exhibit. When we got to the window to watch them up close the dad of the family jumped right up into the window right in front of where Abby was smiling then ran off for a second and came back. Both times it made Abby jump back just a little. I think I would have jumped back as well if I were her!

In the Africa exhibit we saw the big giant boa constrictors and one of them was actually moving around and had his head on the wall right next to where the kids were. He was moving all around and the kids loved this.
We actually got the see the new Zebras today! They weren't out last time we were here and the times before that they didn't have one at the zoo. Now they have two!
Abby really really wanted to feed the Lorikeets.... or rather watch mom and Grandma feed the lorikeets as she didn't want to hold the nectar. As soon as we walked through the doors I had one land on either shoulder. Neither of those two actually wanted the nectar I was holding but they did like to sit on my shoulders.  As we moved on through exhibit I ended up with another bird landing on my head. The kids thought this was hilarious!
Grandma got one to sit on her shoulder. She also had several that wanted to try and eat her bracelet.
Micah thought it was so funny for a bird to be on mommy's head that he wanted one on his own head!
Here are those prairie chickens I talked about last time! This was the primary reason of bringing the big camera today. I really wanted a video of the male doing his little dance. I really am not a good videographer so you'll have to look closely at his feet and you'll be able to see him stomping. If you listen closely you can also hear the sound he makes as his puffs out his cheeks to impress his little lady friend. 

We really love the zoo and are trying to go as often as possible before it really gets too hot in like 2 more weeks. Today the weather was just perfect! We'll head out to Sea World more often than the zoo over the summer because while it's still just as hot there are a lot more water features to cool down in! Hope you had a wonderful Thursday and a great Friday tomorrow!

Okay so there was one more new exhibit today and we must have missed last time in the same section as the prairie chickens and armadillo.... naked mole rats. These are the weirdest little guys. One was going to town on a carrot and another showing off his huge teeth. So if you don't want to see these guys you'll want to stop reading now.... nothing but naked mole rat pictures after this!

And here you have the naked mole rats. Such strange little guys! 


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday!

I'm loving this weather. Okay maybe not the fact that it's so hot already but the water play is so fun!

Last week one afternoon instead of playing on the driveway with the bikes, trikes, scooters, mini-cooper.... we headed out into the backyard to play in the sprinkler. It was 91 degrees and perfect for sprinkler weather - much better to play in some water today than the hot driveway in the afternoon sun! We need to get a baby pool for the backyard but haven't picked that up yet. The last two years I managed to bring home the smallest sized plastic baby pools home in the car but I think I want a bigger one this year since Micah will be playing in it more. (Plus probably also a small one as Honey needs one to lounge in during the hot summer!) 

I think Honey might love the sprinkler more than the kids do. Well especially more than Micah as he wanted nothing to do with the sprinkler with the exception of a minute while I held him near the mist. 
Abby got pretty silly and was fun to watch play in the sprinkler. She even danced a little and shook her booty. Ha! 
A refreshing mist from the sprinkler! 

I'm loving this Watermelon Agua Fresca. I haven't tried it yet but it looks so super yummy! I think I'm going to have to try this soon! I think it'd be perfect to sip and chat with some of my local mommy friends while we let the kids run in the sprinkler and play in the water table. Anyone want to come over next week for a playdate?
(image from Williams-Sonoma)

I'm loving this Madras quilted bedding for Micah's big boy bed. I just need to figure out where his bed and what size his big boy are going to be. I either need to clean out the office or make room in Abby's room and turn it into a shared bedroom. I think I'd prefer his own room so Abby still has a safe haven for her toys she doesn't want him messing with (Barbies, doll house) but cleaning the office out is such a huge task! (His bed is currently in our room - which works out because he teeth are keeping him from sleeping well recently and that makes it easier on me when he isn't sleeping well.)
(image from Pottery Barn Kids)

I'm still loving this Orange Chipolte glaze that we got when we were in Fredericksburg picking strawberries. It's awesome! I made sure Beau put it on the chicken we grilled for Easter and it's super tasty (though he doesn't like it as much as I do)

I'm loving this new Petunia Pickle Bottom/Ergo baby collaboration on a new beautiful Ergo Baby carrier. I wish I had an excuse to buy this but I don't think I do.... no I know I don't. Micah is only worn occasionally these days as he doesn't like to be contained (he'd rather run with the big kids!) and it's not like I don't have several other carriers. Besides I think that if I did sell off a few carriers I'd still have too many (in Beau's opinion) and it would probably be a better decision to get the Ergo Performance carrier for the heat here. (But that one just isn't as pretty!)
(image via Granola Babies)
I'm loving the new Les Mills releases (Body Combat 47 and Body Pump 78)  Together they are a killer workout. I did Combat Monday and Wednesday and Pump on Tuesday and I'm sore. The combat actually I don't find as tiring on my legs and the previous release (less kicking, lunging and squats) but the arms and shoulders especially are killer!
(image via Les Mills - we've been discussing but everyone says & heart rate monitors indicate that that calorie estimate on the poster is really low!)

Oh and I'm loving that it's 31 cent scoop night at Baskin Robbins tongiht (5-10pm) We headed out there and had dessert first tonight. The kids loved it! 

What are you loving this week? Head here to Jamie's blog and link up if you want to play along! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Random Ramblings

1. The new Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummond) book came out today. Charlie The Ranch Dog . It looks adorable. I meant to go out and get it today but I forgot and ran out of time. I can't wait. I think my kids will love it. I really hope she comes nearby for a book signing for this book since she didn't come very close to us for the Black Heels to Tractor Wheels book tour. By the way I'm also so very excited that she is getting a Food Network show! How awesome is that?!

2. Abby got the movie Tangled for Easter and it's hilarious. We are having a picnic dinner and watching it for a second time tonight. Beau cooked red beans and rice because that's what he was wanting and the kids are actually eating it! (Maybe Abby is too distracted by the movie to realize what she was eating? I was almost certain she'd at least complain about it once but not a peep from her!) Micah gobbled down/spilled 3 servings of it. Thank goodness for the towels I put down.

3. Micah was exceptionally crabby this morning so I put him down for a nap early (he said he wanted to when I asked) so he woke up from his nap early - only about 45 minutes after naptime usually starts. So we decided to head out and spend our first afternoon of the year at the pool. The kids had an absolute blast! We stayed until Beau was bored (it's his weekend so he was off today) and Micah had started shivering. The pool is still a tad cold but it felt pretty good compared to the 91 (felt like 94 degree) weather we had today. Grandma even came and joined us for a little while. (It was the pool in her neighborhood that they so nicely let us use whenever we want!) I can't wait our gym pool and spray park to open this weekend. Abby starts her first ever (non-mommy teaching) swim lessons at the end of May. No pictures because I didn't want to bring the camera to the pool!

4. The UPS man (funny since the tracking yesterday said it was coming via FedEX) dropped off a yummy package for me from the Easter Bunny. The best ever jelly beans. Russell Stover Pectin Jelly Beans. Oh man are they good. Even Beau said they were by far the best he'd ever had. They beat any other jelly beans you can buy hands down. Unfortunately they are nearly impossible to find around here.
Russell Stover Pectin Jelly Beans, 12-Ounce Bags (Pack of 4)

5. Micah has been mistakingly called "she" a couple times in the past week. I'm debating getting his hair cut after his 2nd birthday (in 10 days eek!) but I don't want him to lose 'babyish' look and instead look like a little boy. Daddy says cut it when I asked him his opinion but I don't want to lose those baby curls!

6. Only 10 more days until my baby turns 2. I still need to do lots of party prep in the next week and 1/2. I've got the ideas and some of the supplies but I've got lots more to do and lots of baking as well! I'm excited for his party! I also need to figure out what he's getting as a birthday present from us!

7. I went to Body Pump for the 2nd Tuesday in a row (skipped Tuesdays before because of Bible class on Tuesdays which is now over until the fall) and this evening I'm already super sore. Ouch! Maybe I'll look swim suit ready by August at this rate. Ha!

That's all I've got today. More pictures and a What I Love Wednesday tomorrow!


Sunday, April 24, 2011

He is Risen!

(image via GodVine)

I hope ya'll have had a wonderful Easter weekend! It's been a wonderful weekend here. Other than having another sick child this weekend as Abby ran a fever off and on Friday evening - Saturday evening. 

This is going to be a very picture heavy post as I catch up on our past couple days! Earlier in the week on Thursday while Micah was sick we spent the morning making pictures with some stickers. I had bought a big container of 500 stickers to fill Easter eggs for various hunts we were participating in. I had a few left over so I pulled out a couple pages of card stock and let the kids go to town. I helped Micah as the backs on the stickers were hard for him to pull off. 

Showing off their pictures - Abby only wanted to use the sparkly ones so only eggs and butterflies!

Saturday morning we thought Abby was feeling better as she was running around like normal so we figured she was okay to go on the bike parade and egg hunt/relay race at the gym. We had decorated the kids bikes the night before and they got to ride them in a 'parade.' It was really cute. Micah had so much fun he tried to join in when it was the big kids turn to go again. Daddy had to steer him out of the parade route. 
Abby had fun but she also wanted to know why they had to go around and around over and over again (she ended up doing 3 laps around the parade route.)
Then it was time to hunt eggs. Daddy took Micah to the 2 & under section and he got to get pretty much as many eggs as he wanted. Beau said he had a blast. I took Abby to the 3-4 year old group and they had a egg hunt relay race style. They first had to bunny hop out and grab 5 eggs, then once everyone is back they skipped out and collected 3 more. Finally they had walk out and get 3 more. 
Micah came over and was excited to show Abby his eggs and more importantly the "ca-ny!" in them.
This morning the Easter bunny made his visit. Last night the before we headed up for bed Abby insisted we clean up all the toys that were out so the Easter Bunny would have room. HA! 

After the kids were asleep the Easter bunny made his appearance. The bunny might have a shopping problem as the baskets were overflowing! 
Micah got an adorable stuffed duck, egg shaped chalk, a train, an outfit, two books and a chocolate bunny.

Abby got a new Barbie and some clothes (she's loving playing with her Barbies lately!), a leapster game, Tangled DVD, two sets of pjs (had only planned on one until I saw another pair I knew she would love and couldn't pass up!) and a chocolate bunny as well. 

Of course the presents are not the reason for the holiday but I couldn't resist spoiling the kids! I hadn't intended on having quite as many things in there but I had some gymbucks that needed to be used if I was going to use them last week and so those went in the bucket. 

The kids loved their baskets! 

After the baskets were opened we got ready for Church and headed off early because we knew it would be crowded. I worked in the nursery for the Friday and Saturday services and on Saturday there were 15 babies in the 3-12 month nursery! (Normal is anywhere between 4-8, the most we've had recently is 10) Abby had been asking for a couple weeks to go to big Church so she came with us into big Church and Micah went into the nursery. Next week will be a sad week as it will be his last time in the 19-24 month room with his teachers who I love (one of which is his pediatrician.) He'll be moving to one of the 2 year old room the week after that. 

After Church it was time we came home and fixed lunch. Grandma and Uncle Kevin came over to eat with us. Beau cooked a yummy lunch of grilled chicken, corn, pineapple, twice baked potatoes. I made some garlic knot rolls and Grandma brought a cheesecake sampler for dessert. 

After lunch and dessert it was time for some cascarones! Grandma brought them as a surprise for Abby after reading about how much she enjoyed them. Micah hadn't seen them before so he was in for a fun time as well. Abby quickly showed him what to do with them. 
Then she patiently waited while Micah got to crack one on her head. He had a little trouble cracking the eggs but he got it and laughed and ran over to me for another egg!
I gave Beau the camera and got in on the fun after they cracked a couple on his head! I got to crack one on both Abby and Micah's heads and let them crack some on my head! 
It took a while before Micah actually cracked his but he got it and had fun doing it!
Grandma even got in on the fun for the last egg!
This was our first year to take part in the cascarone tradition they have around here but I think it's a fun one that we'll have to keep around! 

It was a wonderful Easter spent with family. I'm so proud of Abby as well - she really knows why we are celebrating too. She was telling Beau all about Jesus dying on the cross and rising again while I was dropping Micah off in his Bible class. :) 


Friday, April 22, 2011

Show us your life: How to stay organized

Okay so I'm not the best at staying organized but after my spring cleaning bug hit a couple months ago I've been trying to get better at it. I'm still not great but most rooms are picked up and clean each day (at least for 5 minutes before the little hurricanes come back through.)

1. Laundry - I try to do a load or two a day to keep up with it. Then every other day or so when I have one set of loads (4-5 loads - whites, kids clothes, our clothes, pinks/reds & towels) I take them upstairs and fold them. Once I get the kids clothes folded, I put Abby and Micah to work and have them put away their clothes. I need to switch the drawers around so Micah can reach his drawer better because he loves to take his clothes while Abby is taking hers. If I ended up doing this chore after the kids go to bed in the evening (which is another good tip because I can fold clothes and have mommy time watching whatever shows I want) then I'll put all the kids clothes in a basket to put away with the kids later so they help with putting away their clothes. I'm taking advantage of the fact that they love to help right now so that hopefully just maybe they'll still help later! They might not stay as folded or organized in their drawers as I would like but that's going to happen the next time Abby decides to get clothes out anyway so I'm not really worried about that.

2. Bathroom cleaning - it's no fun but it's got to be done! My friend Wendy shared this little schedule with our mentoring moms group and it's an easy way to clean your bathroom a little bit each day. Most tasks take less than 5 minutes so it's easy to just do one quickly and be done.

Monday - mirrors 
Tuesday - tub 
Wednesday - wastebasket 
Thursday - throne 
Friday - floors 
Saturday - sink 

I try and follow this for the master bath and then I'll clean the kids bath once a week while they are in the tub and clean the tub after they are out.  

I have a Lonaberger basket on the bathroom counter to hold my make up, headbands, pony tail holders and keep it from taking over the counter. Then I have a basket under the sink to hold other various lotions, extra conditioner, hair gel to keep it somewhat organized. 

3. Keeping the kitchen clean - I try and load up the dinner dishes, wipe up the table and do as much as possible to get the kitchen clean from dinner while the kids are out feeding & watering the dog after dinner is over. Then I run the dishwasher and have a load of clean dishes to put away in the morning while or after fixing breakfast and then it's empty to fill with the day's dishes. 

4. The playroom - 
We have two of the 9 cubby storage shelves from Target - I have 6 baskets and the rest house larger toys and books. I recently found these chalkboard vinyl labels to put on the baskets so they are labeled. I really want to take pictures and use hang tags to put them on the baskets until the kids can read though. Abby at least usually knows what goes in each basket already but the labels make it look  nice. 
I really want to get the Expedit shelves from ikea to house even more toys/books that are overflowing the ones we have. 

Source: ikea.com via Katie on Pinterest

5. Paperwork & miscellaneous - okay so this is where I really need help. We have a little ledge in our living room - opening to the kitchen and that's where the keys, mail, stuff ends up and drives me insane. Eventually the paperwork makes it into piles in the office/craft room but I need a serious filing system to do something with it. During project simplify I did good sorting through it but didn't get to filing it and I really need to do that!

I have been looking off and on for over a year for a dresser I can use to do this with. I really want something like this to go in our living room for when we walk in the door. Mail, art projects, ect can be neatly stored away in here and look pretty and not take over.  I just haven't been able to find that perfect dresser yet. I'm not a morning person so I haven't made it out to garage sales early enough to find one there and I don't want to pay what people are asking on Craigslist.

Today I'm liking this up with with Kelly at Kelly's Korner. So head over and link up if you have any great organizational tips or if you want to see everyone else's tips!