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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Zoo today and random ramblings

We met up with some friends and had a playdate at the zoo this morning. It was nice to get to the zoo as it had been a few weeks since we've gone with being sick so often this winter and the extreme cold we had in early February. Abby was so excited to go and said it was because "it's been forever since we've gone to the zoo!" I guess a couple months does seem like forever to a 4.5 year old. She has a lot of fun with her friends seeing the animals. Interestedly the zoo made everyone hungry and all of the bigger ones were constantly asking for snacks. Abby had a cheese stick, chickadees (target brand goldfish), an apple and pringle sticks before we left the zoo and still ate lunch afterwards. 

She also seems to not have rested well last night as she was in a bit of a whiney mood today and that's usually something that indicates to me she is tired. So much so that I made her lay in her bed and told her to take a nap during quiet time. She surprised me by actually falling asleep as she hasn't napped other than when sick since she was about 2 and 1/2. I only let her sleep for 30 minutes though. And even that much seems to have backfired on me. My still acting tired little girl is still awake as I type 2 hours past when I put her to bed. Yikes I'm in for yet another day of having a tired girl tomorrow. 

I have to brag on Micah for a minute. For the past couple weeks I've been sitting him on the potty before bath. We have a monkey-see, monkey-do type thing going on and since Abby uses the potty before bath, Micah liked to sit as well. On Saturday he actually peed on the potty so of course I went over the top cheering for him. Sunday he repeated and peed again (and again mommy went crazy with the cheering) Monday we skipped baths, Tuesday he didn't use the potty but he tried. Wednesday and tonight (Thursday) he has peed in the potty both nights! Yay! He looks so happy and proud of himself when Abby and I start cheering for him. Next week is spring break so no taking Abby to school or Bible class... I'm contemplating trying some potty learning with him. Abby was pretty well day time dry by Micah's age (22 months) so I know it's do-able but I've also heard boys are more difficult than boys but Micah seems to be showing interest so I don't want to miss this opportunity. My dilemma? I haven't seen underwear in his size (12 months/12-18 month - he's not even 20 lbs yet - yes he's tiny!) I did hear from a friend on FB Walmart or TJ Max had some xxxs underwear in the past so I'm going to check that out. I also just checked amazon and it looks like Gerber training pants come in 18 months! Yay! I don't anticipate needing it in the next couple weeks as with Abby, I started with going bottomless and waited until she really got the hang of going on the potty by herself before I added in the underwear. 

Micah has also recently become very attached to one of Abby's baby dolls. He loves to carry 'baby' around. He'll also rock baby and cover her with a blanket. I think it's sweet. Abby (despite my encouragement by buying her several dolls over her 4.5 years) hasn't really shown that much interest in playing with baby dolls on a regular basis (with the exception of her carrying around a mini-Calin Corolle doll for about while when she was 8 months-2ish) except for recently she wants the baby that Micah has fallen in love with. I don't blame her as I do love the Corolle dolls (they smell yummy like vanilla even 2 years later!) However this is causing meltdowns in our house as Micah wants 'baby' and it's really Abby's toy to start with and no other doll will do for either one! I think I'm going to be buying a new doll - soon! 
Corolle New Calin Darling, Mon Premier Collection
{a version of the beloved Corolle Calin doll similar to what we have - from Amazon}

I don't have a problem buying my little 22 month old boy a doll and thankfully my husband doesn't either (maybe because he say that meltdown it created?) Would any of you buy your son a doll?  

1 comment :

stephanie rizzo said...

yes doll for micah...brax played with a doll before nate was born, and they are no different than stuffed animals