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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Strawberry picking 2011

This morning we had an a fun outing to go strawberry picking. We went last year and really enjoyed it and were excited to go again this year. This year Gigi came into town to go with us - which was wonderful because watching two kids and finding the ripe berries and helping them not pick the green berries would have been a huge task to do myself! 
New rainboots - to not get mud on our new shoes! Despite the fact that we rarely get rain around here ha!
Good thing it wasn't a race because Gigi and Abby were excellent berry pickers - the picked at least twice as many berries as Micah and I. He just kept eating what I picked! 
All in all a fabulous morning outing! The weather was perfect, there were no crowds and the kids enjoyed it! 

1 comment :

Heather said...

Those boots are adorable! I am glad you caved and finally got some. Elliot's pride and joy lately are putting them on all by himself and its just adorable!