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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


It's Spring Break this week and Beau has a couple days off so we decided as a family to spend one of them as a fun day/'stay-cation.'  You'll never guess where we went. ;)
Yup - we hit one of our favorite places! Beau doesn't get to go with us often and the kids never tired of Sea World so off we went! Normally our trips are a couple hours, one show, a drink & popcorn refill, playing and seeing lots of animals - so it costs us 5 miles of gas, and 2.50 for the drink & popcorn - very budget friendly for a theme park! (And if you want to be technical the cost of passes divided by umm..... 25, 30, 35... visits over a year?)

For our stay-cation visit with Daddy we went all out for us and stayed from naptime to almost closing time and enjoyed some dinner at the park. The past two weekends (yes this was our 3rd trip in 3 weeks... what can I say we like it!) Abby had been asking if I had brought her swim suit when we got to the park and she saw the sprinklers. This time she asked as we were gathering our stuff to go and I said why not.... even though I knew it would likely be short lived. It's warm but not quite swimming/sprinkler warm! Yesterday was all about having fun, enjoying it and making family memories so we went with it. It was the first thing we did when we got to the park.
{the spray park in the Sesame Bay of Play}
Then Abby remembered that there was a pool with tubes at Sea World and that's where she wanted to be. Maybe she thought that it would be warmer there than the sprinklers as she remembered it from last year? So off we went... 
Daddy braved the water and took the kids on a spin around the lazy river. They seemed to enjoy it but spent most of their time sitting on top of the tube and not in the water! 
Since they were now cold, wet icicles we dried them off, changed back into clothes and headed for some dinner then the night time Shamu Rocks Texas show. 
The evening shows (Shamu Rocks Texas and Sea Lions Tonight) are by far some of my favorite shows. The Shamu show especially seems better than the daytime Believe show. Maybe it's just because Believe is 5 years old now. I'm excited to see the new show that comes in June. 
After Shamu we finished our visit with Daddy playing a few of the games in the arcade section, The Sea Lions Tonight show and a trip to the gift shops. Since it was our little 'stay-cation' we purchased both Abby and Micah a little souvenir. Abby had been wanting a sea lion - she was saying she didn't have one (she does have Shamu, a penguin, beluga and walrus from previous years visits and also a dolphin and otter from mommy's trips when I was growing up - just about the whole Sea World family) As they've added the whole Sesame Street theme to the play area of the park and Elmo is pretty much the Justin Bieber of the toddler world and Micah loves his 'Melmo' that's what he got. We had two very tired but very happy kids as we headed home. A wonderful family day at Sea World. 

1 comment :

Angie said...

Staycations are the best vacations ever! I love the SeaWorld pics...makes me wanna go sooooo bad.