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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring cleaning

This afternoon was all about spring cleaning. The bug finally hit me - we've been spending so much time outside enjoying the spring that it was much needed as well. Ha! I (mostly) finished hot spot #2 - the paperwork last week - it's sorted but still sitting out in the office and no pictures were taken. Today I started hot spot #3 - kids clothes. I've had a basket of the kids clothes sitting in my room for weeks now (bad!) When I do the laundry I fold it either downstairs and put it in baskets to go to my room, or fold it in my room - then I put away the towels, Beau's clothes and my clothes. Unfortunately many days that's where it ends and the kids clothes stay in my room. 

Today I actually put away a very full basket of kids clothes. As I did that I went through their drawers - dumping them all, refolding and putting them away, taking out anything that was too small and anything that was winter-y that was still lingering around. The winter clothes got folded into one drawer to wait and see what size the kids are in come winter. Then everything else got folded and put back in the right drawer or hung in the closet. There wasn't too much that wasn't the right size and I did a big purge of Abby's clothes not that long ago and Micah is still wearing the same size as last summer. (I'm thinking by the time he outgrows this size he'll have nothing really left to save or hand down since he's been in this size so long and everything will be much more worn!) 

I got so involved in working in Abby's room going through the clothes as also picking up her toys that I didn't realize how much time had passed until Micah started getting really upset and seemed hungry. I looked at my phone and saw that it was already almost 6:30 - past dinner time. Mom fail - especially since I hadn't even thought about dinner at all thinking it was still earlier in the afternoon than that. We ended up doing a quick pb&j with strawberries, yogurt and goldfish since they were already hungry! 

I was so feeling the spring cleaning vibe that I ended up taking 90% of the pictures ect on my bulletin board that is in the kitchen down while the kids ate as most of those have been up there a while. Now I need new pictures to put on it! 

We did take a little bit of time outside after nap time and drove the mini down to the mailbox. I knew that there was going to be a little something for the kids in the mail but I didn't know that all the mail (besides the Wed ad pages) was going to be for the kids! They get more "good" mail than I do! 

Gigi sent Abby an Easter dress and it matches perfectly with the shirt I picked up for Micah to wear with his khaki's. Now I'm really excited to take pictures in the Bluebonnets! They are going to look so adorable for Easter! 

Abby had gotten a second letter from Grandpa in the mail and she so loves her letters! I have to read each of them several times until she can recite the whole thing from memory! She wanted to write Grandpa a letter back so while I was putting away laundry I helped her write a letter. She even drew a cute little picture. Then towards the end she decided to start writing "words" herself.... 
Happy Wednesday everyone! Now I've got to get in bed as I'm planning on hitting cycling tomorrow before our playdate.... as if my legs aren't already killing me from pump and combat already this week! But bathing suit weather is so close!

1 comment :

driller said...

I can't wait to see my letter! Thanks for giving me such an awesome grand daughter:)