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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rock wall

So at our gym we have a rock wall with 4 different climbing options. The first is the purple - the smallest of the 4. Then on the opposite end of the climbing wall is the blue - a medium sized climbing wall. Then in the middle there are two that go all the way to the top.


Abby has gotten pretty good at the purple over spring break and being able to climb almost every day this week. On Friday she was waiting her turn patiently and when it was her turn the guy who was working the wall (I'm sure they have a proper term for the guy that has the other end of the rope but I don't know it!) asked Abby which wall she wanted to climb. Instead of simply saying 'the purple one' or 'this one' (as she was standing in front of it) she had to very dramatically go through her whole explanation starting with the middle one at the far end. "When I'm 5 I'll climb that one, then when I'm 7 I'll climb the big ones, but I'm 4 right now so I'll climb the purple one" Ha! She has it all planned out. And when I say she has it all planned out I mean neither the gym rules or we gave her ages/rules about when she can climb certain walls. In fact previously she has tried the medium size wall but never got up to the top. In fact only within the past couple weeks has she consistently made it to the top of the purple wall (other times she gets to the middle and decides she is done.) Good to know she has a plan though!

Today though she abandoned her plan. After quickly climbing to the top of the purple and watching a bigger girl - a 7 year old - climb to the top of one of the middle walls she decided she was going to try the middle sized climbing wall. After the gym class (she climbed the purple one before I went to class) she waited her turn and climbed the medium wall. With a little help to get started she was able to climb all the way to the top of it! She looked a little nervous about how high she was when she was starting to come down but oh so proud of herself when she got down!

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