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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

random ramblings

Another rough day around here. Both Beau and Abby woke up sick around 5:30 in the morning. Abby rebounded quickly and was practically bouncing around like normal by mid-morning... poor Beau not so much. Abby did fall asleep during quiet time while I was rocking Micah to sleep (yup I still rock the sweet little one who is all too soon turning 2 to sleep for nap & night time and I love it!)
Speaking of Micah turning two - I already have had his party theme planned in my head for about a month or so now after stumbling across an idea on a blog. Today however I stumbled across another blog with a similar party theme idea and I love it and have such great ideas to borrow. All my friends think I'm creative.... I think I just have lots of great blogs to borrow inspiration from (though I always give credit to whom it belongs!) And yes his birthday is still 2 months away and yes that means by the time his birthday gets here I'll have planned his birthday for 3 months now. And before you go and say that's crazy - I've already got ideas mulling in my head with a theme mostly finalized for Abby's party - I've got favors for her party already too. Her birthday isn't until August.... so planning it out for 6 months or so. It's not like I'm working on it all the time but just gathering ideas when I find them and spreading out the planning/preparation! 

Being that we've had a very low key week and even though Beau cleaned our entire downstairs for me, I've still been swamped in laundry and tired from being sick and taking care of sick family members so I haven't taken a picture with my fancy camera in 3 days... that's a long time for me! 
*yes you read that right - he earned major brownie points and cleaned everything - pantry, kitchen, living room & bathroom! 

Instead I've discovered a couple fun apps on my iphone I've been taking some snapshots with. The ones I took yesterday were with Hipstamatic. It's fun to use - you can shake the phone and it will switch out the lens/film/flash and give you a whole new look to your picture. Lots of different options - it includes a couple lens/flash/film options and you can purchase others. 

The picture of Abby above was taken using Instagram. I really like being able to choose which filter I want on the picture after taking it because there are certain pictures I've taken with Hipstamic (which I learned about first) that I just didn't like the result from whatever film, lens or flash I had picked (others though I love what comes out!) I also like how easy it was to share the picture via twitter/facebook as a tweet/status update from Instagram.  

Both are lots of fun to use and can take an ordinary iphone picture into a very interesting one! 

Hope ya'll have had a wonderful Wednesday and that no one else out there is suffering with as many bugs, germs, ear infections as we seem to have had lately. Seriously this winter seems to have been really rough on us and I'm so ready for it to be over (the germs... as winter seems to have already left us anyway!)

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Leah said...

I love instagram! I'm addicted.