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Friday, March 25, 2011

Park playing

Yesterday we had a follow-up/weight check for Micah and it was in the evening. I didn't want to hit traffic that I knew we would hit on the way there so we left early, went through the last few minutes of Sonic happy hour, and headed to the park that was on the way to the pediatrician's office and we'd miss 90% of the traffic since we were already halfway to the office and past where most of the traffic is. As a bonus this happens to be one of my favorite parks nearby where we live with lots of slides and one of the few that has swings. Both kids took off quickly to play once we got there. 
Micah even wore his new, first pair of 'big boy' shoes (aka not the soft leather soles) They had just arrived in the mail and Abby saw the package as we were getting ready to head out, it had to be opened, and they had to be worn! And since Abby was trying on her shoes, Micah had to do the same! As it hasn't rained here I knew there wouldn't be any mud and as a bonus these shoes are machine washable! I think Micah might run faster in his new shoes - if that's possible for his little almost two year old legs. 
(Thanks Gigi & Pops the kids love them!)

I did quickly discover the one draw back to this park. The play structure is actually quite large with 11 different slides - and I couldn't always easily see Abby as I ran after Micah in the opposite direction. The park is however mostly fenced in and not near any roads, tucked back past the sports fields and picnic areas. 
Micah was a little daredevil and really, really wanted to go down the super tall slide (that Abby is sliding down in the picture above) but I wouldn't let him and kept redirecting him to the smaller slides. All these slides required a real workout on my part to direct him to the slide at the top and hop down the closest ladder to 'catch' him at the bottom. Usually Abby actually will stay with us and will slide down first and wait for Micah but today she ran off to do her own thing and was making all sorts of friends at the park. It was the first time she was really off making friends at the park and wanting to play with the other kids there. She's really growing up and as of right now she doesn't have the shyness of her mother. 
Oh and my brilliant idea to play at the park before the dr. appointment to run off the extra energy backfired. Sure it saved us from sitting in traffic but the kids were super energetic and crazy in the dr. office. Can I ask why we need a rolling, spinning stool in the exam room? I was worn out by the time we left! 

Micah was up to 19.2 lbs and 31.5 inches tall. Yay for weight gain.... but still not on the chart though he did creep up a little closer. He just might hit 20 lbs by his two year appointment. 

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