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Saturday, March 05, 2011

a month in photos: February

A few days late but here is a snapshot of what we were up to in February! Thanks to the awesome template from Rebecca at Simple As That
1. Micah and I went to Ruston with Grandma and Grandpa for Scarlett (my SILs) baby shower. Grandpa and Micah were having fun wandering around the park downtown.
2. We got snow in South Texas on February 4th and it actually stuck to the ground! This was the first time for either Abby or Micah to be able to see the snow on the ground. 
3. I made a super cute banner and onesies for Scarlett's baby shower. This is my favorite of the onesies. 
4. We spent lots of time playing outside on the driveway with chalk, all our ride on toys and it was even warm enough to put water in the water table. 
5. We headed to Sea World on their opening weekend for the 2011 season and got to play in the newly designed Sesame Street Bay of Play. 


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