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Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday ramblings

A couples ago I came across and shirt that I just had to have and ordered immediately. It's perfect and I love it. It came in the mail a couple days ago but I hadn't worn it yet but I tried it on today and now you get a lovely self-portrait of myself in the bathroom mirror. I'm not so good at these! Especially when Micah is trying to brush my teeth while I take the picture ha! 
{mom's gonna snap} 

Sunday after Church we headed to Grandma & Grandpa's house for lunch and to hang out. The Blockbuster near their house was going out of business so they picked up a DVD of Milo & Otis. You know the movie with the pug and kitty that go on an adventure? She watched most of it while we were there and then Daddy and Abby asked if we could have it to bring home. Of course Abby loved that idea and Grandma gave her the movie. She had to watch it again when we got home while Micah napped. The sweet girl was tired though - and got an idea in her head that she wanted a kitty. She asked me, then she asked Daddy and was so sad when Daddy told her no. I cuddled her while she pouted, whined and even cried a little about wanting a kitty. I'm not a cat person.... but if Daddy hadn't said no I might have been really tempted to make a very unthought out decision.

We headed to the grocery store after Micah woke up from nap (I was thinking I must have lost my mind taking Micah who really dislikes HEB there on a busy Sunday afternoon - but we survived!) Abby was just a big helper and walked/rode holding onto the side and helped me get groceries and put them in the cart. I did think ahead enough to remember to grab my Ergo carrier and wore him through the store and that worked much better than him in the buggy or on my hip and steering one handed! He doesn't always like to be worn anymore but I think he likes the Ergo better than the ring sling (which is what I usually have in my car for quick trips.) Back to the kitty though... while we were getting dog treats and dog food she found a can of cat food and wanted to buy it so we'd have it "when" (her words) she got a kitty. Thankfully she didn't mention the "k" word at all today. 

The weather was just gorgeous today. It was perfect spring weather - a little cool but warm enough to really enjoy being outside. I was so sad as I was in the kitchen doing dishes, cooking and cleaning up wishing I could just order in some dinner, hire a maid (or get someone else to cook/clean) and just spend some time playing outside with the kids enjoying the weather. They were outside swinging, sliding and playing while I watched them through the big sliding glass door in the kitchen (which I love how easily I can see them while they are out there) which worked - at least they got to enjoy the weather while I cooked and they were happy playing. So after dinner I decided to push back bath/bedtime and we headed out for a bike ride. I think we have the beginnings of a new routine of evening bike rides! Both kids loved it. Micah wasn't so thrilled with them last year but is loving it this spring.
I love spring! Do ya'll have any fun evening routines? Happy Monday everyone! 


Tiffany said...

Haha that shirt and that photo is classic!! I love it!

Scartch said...

I think cats are awesome! But, they really aren't the best pets for little ones since they don't 'play' too much. So that was probably a good call.