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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The ice cream truck

Yesterday we were outside (as always lately - what can I say we pink puffy heart love spring!) and Abby and Micah were having a blast coloring the driveway with chalk and were themselves covered in chalk dust from head to toe. Then some familiar music started playing and getting louder... music that my kids didn't really notice because they weren't familiar with it yet. The music stopped at the end of our street giving me a good 3 minutes to debate on if I wanted to introduce my kids to what this music really means. The truck came closer and I decided to go for it. The truck had stopped across the street so we held hands and walked across the street. The kids were super excited to see the pictures of ice cream on the truck. 
And of course they were more than happy to pick out a popsicle to enjoy. Dessert before dinner one of life's little joys. 
The result: two happy, very sticky, chalk covered children.
So at what age is it inappropriate to just strip your kid and hose them off in the yard?

Okay just kidding but they did get wiped down before they came inside because man oh man are popsicles drippy!


Unknown said...

We have an ice cream truck on our street daily, rain or shine. I suspect Audrey will learn about it soon.

I remember a day when they were more like the Schwann's truck and clean and big and not looking like some run down van with a couple chest coolers in it.

Regarding stripping the kids down: growing up my grandparents had a cottage on Lake Michigan. When coming up from the beach, we had to be stripped down outside to spray all the sand off our feet. The little kids played in the sand, so it got EVERYWHERE!!! And so we were stripped bare naked to be hosed off before going in the bathroom (there was a door to the outside from the bathroom) to take a shower. It was humiliating. When I realized that those who didn't play in the sand didn't get naked I quit playing in the sand. I was probably 8.

Lori said...

When we lived in town, we got to experience this a few times, but not since Jack was born. Such fun!!

Leah said...

Cute pictures! I totally strip Ryanne down in the yard (too) frequently. ; ) A friend of mine taught her kids that if the ice cream truck was playing music, that meant it was out of ice cream. haha!