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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hot spot #1

So I've read about Simple Mom's Project Simplify  on Ali's blog Baby Feet & Baby Steps and wasn't really planning on joining in. Then I got bite by the spring cleaning bug. Which is nice but also not so nice when the weather is so beautiful outside it's somewhat a shame to not be outside enjoying it. So I've done most of my spring cleaning in spurts mostly after the kids are in bed, during naptime or the short time between taking Abby to school and the gym/the gym and picking Abby up from school. Since I wasn't planning on joining in I didn't get to tacking the "hot spot #1" which is the master bedroom closet until yesterday and today. Yesterday I decided why not and tackled the dresser - but forgot to get take a before picture. Today during nap I tackled the closet. 

Here are the brutally honest before pictures (though not the greatest - it's hard to get a good shot of our closet)
my side
my shoes
Beau's side

The afters: 
my side
Beau's side
my dresser

Beau had gone through his clothes a couple weeks back resulting in two big bags of clothes to be donated so that made his side pretty easy - all I had to do was fold, hang up, put away all the clothes that had ended up on the floor. I also rearranged them a little bit putting the long sleeve clothes towards the wall and the short sleeve ones easier to reach as it is warm here now. 

As far as my side goes the picture doesn't show much difference. I rearranged, moving the winter clothes to the back and folding my pants and putting them on the self above the hangers (not pictured.) I really didn't get rid of much from the closet. I've got like 3 'sets' of clothes - one for my ideal weight which I'm not quite at yet (but getting close finally - so maybe the churros this week weren't that great an idea!) one set that is too big now that fit me 'post baby' and the set for in the middle between the two. My closet is home to all 3 sets. 

My shoes simply got straightened back out. I'm a girl and I love my shoes and couldn't part with any of them.

My dresser did get a good cleaning out and straightening out. I did cheat in the closet and I didn't dump everything to put it all back but for the dresser each drawer did get dumped and only the things I was keeping got put back in. 

In the end I filled one big bag to be donated. It feels nice to have the closet and dresser all cleaned out now. 


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