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Friday, March 04, 2011

Hard to believe

It's hard to believe my tiny itty bitty little guy is going to be 2 in just two short months. It's especially hard to believe that by looking at him since he is still so tiny (I'm just hoping he will have hit 20 - yes 20 lbs by his 1 year well check!) However lately he has been showing me more and more that he is getting closer and closer to being a 'big boy' and not so much my baby anymore.

Last night after dinner when he was all done he wanted to get down so I helped him out of his high chair but instead of running off to play like he does most times (times he doesn't want to whine and sit in my lap) he wanted his plate and wanted to clear it like he has watched big sister and I do with our plates and that we usually do for him. Then he carried his plate over and put it in the dishwasher for me.  He also doesn't like it when his shirt gets dirty and will want it off at the end of the meal if he got anything on it. I still strip him down for about 80% of his meals but sometimes at dinner I won't, especially if it's not a really messy meal... but then like tonight I gave him some ice cream and some of it dribbled onto his shirt and when he was done with the ice cream the shirt had to come off because he got it dirty.

For the past couple months (2 maybe 3?) if we go to the grocery store and we have several bags to carry in, Micah knows this and will walk to the trunk of the car and wait for me to give him a bag to carry in. He will not be a happy camper and will sit down in a huff and whine if he does not get a back to help carry inside.

Yesterday he threw a very terrible-two-ish fit when I wouldn't give him what he wanted. Oh boy was he mad about that! When he realized that mama wasn't going to cave in and that I was going to continue reading books to Abby (something he usually loves and we had started doing in hopes of diffusing the fit that was going on!) he started whining for Gigi and even went and pointed at the door hoping Gigi would come in. He might be tiny but boy was he stubborn and nothing was going to take his mind of what he wanted! We finally headed outside for a walk which combined with being outside and having Honey walking with us calmed him down and made him forget about his fit.
(yes I took a picture of the fit throwing.... nope he wasn't happy about that either as he took my phone away ha! But he's the cutest fit throwing little one ever!)

He has also learned so much from big sister Abby. One of the things he seemed to have picked up from her is the need to have a toy to sleep with. For months he had to have one of his Aden and Anais blankets (love these so much!) and that was it. Now he has to have his blanket but he also has to pick out a toy just like sister does.

It's so fun and sad at the same time to see him really picking things up and being more a little boy and less a baby.

*I would usually just post this on Micah's blog but I figured I'd put it here too but eventually (tomorrow?) will copy & paste this over there and add it to his 22 month post.

*This likely concludes iphone picture week. Ha! I have plans to actually use my *real* camera tomorrow. This is the absolute longest by far that I haven't used it since Beau bought it for me. It has been so easy though to just snap a few iphone shots and cuts down my picture editing time by a lot! 

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Unknown said...

We have those plasma scooters at church. Audrey LOVES them.