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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Build-a-bear birthday party

Saturday we headed to the mall for a birthday party for one of Abby's classmates. We first met in the food court for cake then a group of very excited 4 & 5 year olds headed for build-a-bear. They were so excited and kept trying to get way out in front of us. They would start nice and slow then they'd get faster and faster as they just couldn't contain their excitement and would have to be reminded to slow down again.
Build-a-bear is not the best place to take pictures in (crowded + bad light) so I got a couple pictures of Abby building her puppy but they aren't great. She had a lot of fun and was so exited about her new puppy - especially the clothes she got to pick out. 
I was able to have a mommy/daughter time with Abby at her party while Micah stayed with Grandma & Grandpa. That was a lot of fun - I get Micah alone while Abby is in preschool but I don't get alone time out with Abby often (though I do get some while Micah naps.) We picked up a very tired but happy little guy. Grandma and Grandpa kept him busy and wore him out - he practically out by the time we left their neighborhood.
Since we only had a short amount of time between picking up Micah and heading to Church to work in the nursery for the Saturday services I decided not to move him since he had already been asleep the whole drive and instead let him sleep in his carseat. I rolled down the front windows and opened the sunroof and opened the garage door so that Abby could play on the driveway. First she drove her mini-cooper around with her new puppy riding next to her, then rode her bike and finally took the puppy on a spin on the plasma car. 


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