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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bikes, minis and a night out for mom

So a little over a week ago Abby started asking to try to learn to ride her bike without training wheels. I'm all for helping her but Micah isn't so much for being strapped in while we are outside - I don't blame him playing outside is a lot more fun than having to sit in a stroller and watch - so I haven't been able to help her. Daddy has had the past two days off and Abby finally got her wish to try her bike sans training wheels. She's done okay - she's not ready to take off on her own yet but she's starting to put together how it works. She's not into spending too much time learning though both bike sessions put together have been maybe 15 minutes total.
While sister is off riding her bike with Daddy, Micah's had the mini all to himself to pretend to drive (no actual driving until he is tall enough to reach the pedal!)
This evening I got to go out and having dinner with my mentoring moms group at our wonderful mentor's house. It was so nice and refreshing to take time to recharge our mommy tanks by having a night out to just sit and chat. We missed the ladies that couldn't be there though! 

Just a quick post today - we've been busy with getting back into our routine after a relaxing spring break last week. Abby's happy to be back in preschool this week but also tired from it. Micah surprisingly had a rough time in Bible class today - which he is usually okay and he was there Saturday (with only a few tears) and Sunday (with no tears) - but today he saw me on the playground with my class and after that he was done and ended up coming down to my class for the rest of the day. He was wonderfully behaved once he was with mommy though - and even really helped clean up the classroom! 

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