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Friday, February 04, 2011

snow day & Texas snow plows tractors

Eek! Can you tell we are a little excited over a tiny bit of snow on the ground? It sure doesn't happen often here! All the northerners can laugh at us in the south because we get an inch of snow and all the sudden school was cancelled, our gym is closed for the day, many businesses told their employees not to come in until afternoon since the interstates wouldn't be open until 12 pm and the news has endless coverage on it! If you think that's a hilarious way of dealing with a little bit of snow keep reading to find out how we de-ice our interstates! 

Abby woke up around 8:30 and jumped into the window ledge in our room and was so excited to see snow on the ground! She happily watched the kids across the street play in the snow for another 30 minutes until Micah woke up (Micah gave us a snow day present by sleeping in until 9 instead of his usual 7 am!) Then we bundled up and headed outside. We don't exactly have snow gear so we layered jackets onto of jackets and Abby borrowed a pair of my gloves even though they were much too big for her. 

Both kids were amazed at all the white stuff on the ground. 
Micah didn't know what to make of it! He very quickly realized it was really cold on his hands and Abby got cold as well so back inside we went to warm up. 
We watched some of the news while we were waiting for Micah to wake up as they were showing the snow everywhere around the city. The interstates were shut down all night and they were working on getting them safe to reopen this morning. We don't exactly have the right equipment to sand/salt/de-ice the road so what do you use in Texas? Well a John Deere tractor with a fertilizer machine to put down the sand on the roads. Ha! Only in Texas!

It's already warmer today than it was the past two days - we've actually gotten above freezing! That also means 99% of the snow has melted already. Maybe we'll see it again in another 7 years?


Tiffany said...

I can't believe there is snow in Texas! I bet you guys are enjoying it though. Well, the children look like they are! Yay, for a snow day! Send some of that hot air up here so our snow will melt too!

Elizabeth Lyng said...

That's so funny - we are the same way, though we did get a lot this year (I'm in Georgia). Any little mention of snow and people go nuts around here. I don't know how people live all winter long up north with the stuff on the ground - the kids enjoyed it this year, but I couldn't wait for it to melt away!