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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Say Cheese

Think he takes after his mama? Or maybe mama just takes a few too many pictures? Either way he picked up my old film camera and went around holding it up to his face and saying "cheese." 

The kids have defiantly perked up today after getting antibiotics for their many infected ears. Micah has his very first ear infection and Abby has her 2nd and 3rd of the past month (her 3rd and 4th ever.) I've spent this very cold day doing lots of laundry (that probably hasn't helped the state with the power shortage they are having due to the cold.) We are trying a baking experiment this evening before we head to the gym (yay the kids are well enough to go again!) and since they are on the mend and I'm almost finally caught up on laundry (even folded and put it away!) I can hopefully get back to regularly blogging again soon!

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