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Friday, February 18, 2011

random ramblings

Last week Abby and Micah found a little friend outside that they watched (and only slightly tortured by trying to pick him up by his tail.) The kids are fascinated by lizards and bugs. Yesterday before Micah and I left to head to my SIL's for her baby shower Abby had found a rolly polly and was ever so excited about. It's been a while since they don't come out as much in the cold weather.
So Micah and I have made the trip with Grandma and Grandpa for a baby shower for my SIL. It was a very long car ride - made longer by the last two hours on a bumpy Louisiana highway. Poor Micah couldn't sleep and would wake up every 30 minutes or so for those last two hours, tired of being in his carseat and tired of the big bumps. By the time we reached the hotel my back was sore from leaning over his seat for those last two hours. In reality though he did so good for such a long trip!

Today after nap though he started running a fever (again as he was running one yesterday morning) and slept most of the afternoon away. After about 4 hours of napping off and on and a dose of motrin he perked up and became the life of the party with everyone watching him. He played 'find the kitty' and tried to get anyone and everyone who was willing to cox my SIL's cat out of his hiding spot so Micah could see him. He even got the cat's toy to dangle in front of him (or almost whack him with,) Then he made up a game bouncing a dice off a phone case into the air then doing it again. He also enjoyed some cake - but only wanting the pieces with the chocolate frosting on it. Once the frosting was eaten and everyone else was stacking their plates, Micah grabbed the plate and gave it to Grandpa to stack with the rest of them.

Tomorrow is Scarlett's shower is tomorrow and I'm so excited about it. I got pretty crafty this past week in preparation for it and I can't wait to see it all together! I am also excited to share the cuteness that I made as I haven't wanted to spoil the surprise!

I'm also missing my little girl though. She's back at home with Daddy and my mom - in good hands but still a little under the weather as well and I feel bad whenever I hear she's sad I'm not there but I know she's in excellent hands!

1 comment :

Scartch said...

That was the greatest shower EVER! Thank you so much for spoiling me. And Micah has been an absolute blast this weekend, he is such a sweetie!