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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

random ramblings

The morning we had Bible class and we made these thumbprint magnets  we the kids in my class but instead of using clay I simply cut circles out of cardstock and we'll laminate them. Simple, easy but cute craft to do with the 13-18 month group.

In the evening Beau and I headed to the gym for Body Combat. The usual instructor, one who is usually very high intensity, wasn't there. Instead we had a male instructor (from another Y location - we don't have any male group ex instructors at our gym!) who showed up in war paint. You know you are likely to get a high energy booty kicking workout when your instructor has paint on their face. You should really just turn and head to the treadmill instead once they say "I've put together the most intense workout I could" I can now say my booty has been sufficiently kicked for the evening! While the instructor didn't have the fun girly energy of all the other instructors (we have some seriously girly - but also very motivating instructors over here!) I wouldn't mind him as a sub every once in a while.

We also finished up a craft - one to decorate a bare playroom wall with tonight. Pictures of that coming tomorrow! I didn't have enough light left once we got it put together to get a good picture today.

And with that said - I'm off to watch some DVR'd tv and relax for the rest of the evening before I hit the bed!

1 comment :

Leah said...

I just love all the crafts that you do with your kiddos. I wish I was so crafty ; )