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Friday, February 11, 2011

project 52: Week 6

Next week as I'm sure ya'll are all aware is Valentines day. Abby's teacher sent home a note about the Valentine's party and asking to help our children write their friend's names on their valentines and also have them write their own names on them. So Abby and I sat down and started putting together Valentines. I was so impressed and proud of her! She knew all the letters to write her friends names except one (k - which they haven't gotten to in school yet) and was able to write without any frustration all her friends names all I spelled them out for her. Then we put them together with some adorable wallet size printed valentines I made that I can't wait to share with ya'll and a fun Valentines toy (instead of more candy!) 

Today was a great day and was ended by the Mentoring Moms date night where the ladies I work with and all the mentors watch our kids while the parents get to go out on a date. Beau and I talked about it for weeks and yet still this evening were debating where to go. We ended up going out to dinner and then Barnes and Noble. It was a wonderful evening and I'm ever so grateful to the ladies that watched our little ones. Micah had two of the same teachers from Tues, one of which was also his teacher last semester who he really likes so I knew I didn't have to worry about him even though it was way past his bedtime when we picked him up (he goes to bed early - usually close to 7 so 8:30 is pushing it!) 

Now I'm off to join the kiddos in bed... though only one is asleep since I had to promise Abby a movie to get her to leave Bibleland since she was really enjoying the Hermie movie they were watching there. I supposed it's probably a good thing when I have to convince Abby to leave Church to come home. :) 

1 comment :

stephanie rizzo said...

her letters are so good for 4...