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Saturday, February 26, 2011

A little bit of silly

Beau worked overnight last night so I took that opportunity to take the kids out to breakfast so that he could sleep and not get woken up by the little bits. Once they know Daddy is home (usually because they see his truck out the window) all bets are off for how long I can keep them quiet and away from daddy. They had already woken up early - like so early I didn't even look at the clock because it was still dark as I told Abby to close her eyes and go back to sleep as I closed my eyes and dozed back off. When Micah woke up at 7:15, Abby peeked her eyes at me and I don't think she had ever gone back to sleep. After an episode of Curious George on tv as we cuddled in bed slowly waking up, we got dressed, packed my water bottle for the gym and headed to breakfast. 

Abby had woken up on the silly side of the bed this morning apparently.... she made "eyes" out of her hash browns (or breakfast french fries as she calls them.) But this wouldn't have really happened as we clearly don't play with our food around here. Ha! 
Not a silly bone in this little girls body today... can you tell?
After eating we had the play place to ourselves.... Micah decided to join Abby up in the play structure. That was almost a huge mistake! Abby such a sweet big sister and helped him all the way to the top as he's not quite big enough to totally climb by himself. Once he got up there he was so happy with himself he didn't want to come down. Abby tried many times to show him the slide but he would giggle and go the other way. Finally about 10 minutes later (okay maybe it was only about 5) he decided to come down the stairs with Abby's help. 
Then we headed to Target. They were having a Dr. Seuss story time to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday this week. Since we had time to kill (it always seems like such a big difference between 10 am and 10:30 body combat - most other Saturdays it seems we twiddle our thumbs waiting to head to the gym but it doesn't feel that way on weekdays with 10 am class) we headed there to listen to a story or two. They gave away some goodie bags to the kids - each had a coloring sheet, crayons, a juice box, chickadees (Target's goldfish) and fruit snacks. Both kids loved this and it took most of the first story to convince them to listen to the story instead of wanting to snack on the items in the goodie bag (and they had just eaten breakfast!) Then by the 3rd story Micah was having a terrible two tantrum over mommy not letting him hold the juice box and drink it all by himself. Do you know what happens when you give a toddler a full juice box? They squeeze it all over themselves/you/the floor so I had good reason to try and help him but he wasn't having it so we left all while Micah was voicing his displeasure about not having the juice box. Yikes! 

We arrived at the gym to see the girl scouts set up selling cookies right out front! I joked that my workout was doomed from the start. I convinced Beau to buy me a couple boxes - one of lemon cremes and one thin mints. Beau had to make fun of me for making him buy me cookies (he had the cash) until combat started. That wasn't very nice of him!

Turns out it was a good thing we spent the morning out of the house because when we swung by to pick up Beau for body combat he told me the power had been out since he got up. When we got back from combat it was still out and there were two power trucks on our street working out it. The neighbors said there had been a big explosion boom around 9 am and another one later on. We got power back not long after we had arrived home. The electric company guys said some rats (eek yuck!) had eaten through a cable causing the problem.

Oh if you are interested there is a hoodie giveaway going on at Wild Olives. I have two shirts from them - a Pioneer Woman shirt from her cookbook tour & one of their bible verse tees and I love them. I'd love to win a hoodie as well. You can check it out and enter to win one for yourself while you are there. 

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