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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Did I hibernate and not know it?

In a spur of the moment decision we headed out to Sea World this afternoon. It's opening weekend for the season... so it's been oh about 2 months since we were there last. The weather was just a little bit warmer. Okay so maybe a whole lot warmer! So much so that I'm questioning if my calendar is right or if we all slept for like a month and didn't realize it. Before we even got in the gate (had to stop and buy a new fun card for Abby for this year and they don't have them at HEB yet) Abby was complaining about it being hot and wanted to stand in the shade while we waited in line to buy her ticket. I think it got all the way up to 91 degrees today.

We didn't waste any time and we headed for the newly revamped Shamu's Happy Harbor which is now the Sesame Street Bay Of Play. It's all gotten a new coat of paint, a new stage for Sesame Street singing shows many times a day (and then the characters mingle and take pictures with everyone), lots more shade and they tripled the spray park area. Besides the spray park (that left me regretting not brining along swim suits - who knew I'd want them in February!) my favorite new feature is the new nets to climb up to the slides. The holes are a lot smaller and even Micah could easily climb this now.
Which of course once he realized that I had to climb up with him and take him down the slide several times. 

They also added back the rides that used to be in the Happy Harbor. They had taken them out last year (everything except for the Shamu roller coaster) and now they are all back and they also added a carousel.
Abby was excited about riding the carousel... until the horse started going up and down. I was standing right between both kids so I was able to reassure her she wasn't going to fall and she ended up enjoying it. I guess she just wasn't expecting that because she's ridden the Shamu roller coaster many times with no fear.
The best part about having season passes and living so close by the Sea World is that we can sit and relax and watch the animals for as long as we want without worrying about hitting all the shows and such since we can just catch them the next time. (Though Abby was really disappointed when we didn't see any of the shows today.) After playing hard and getting hot (did you see Abby's cheeks in the previous picture?) we got a drink and hung out in the shade watching all the seals and sea lions swim around.
I (very carefully) got a picture of Micah looking through the window at the seals. 
We also saw the dolphins, fish and sharks - all of which the kids loved but I put away my camera and just enjoyed it. I think ya'll will end up seeing lots of pictures (though they might be just iphone pictures as that's a whole lot easier to bring along!) of Sea World this year. We are already planning to head back next weekend to see the Jack Hanna show.

1 comment :

Angie said...

You got some great pics...I wish we were that close to Sea World...it looks so fun!!