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Monday, February 07, 2011

crafty catch up

Monday...  monday.... monday. We didn't do a whole lot today. This morning Beau had the morning off and was wonderful as he gave me the morning off while he took Abby to school and when I was feeling lazy (really shouldn't have considering the evil Reese's Beau brought home the other day and the yummy garlic knot rolls we had with dinner) he took Micah to the gym with him so I got to lounge around until 11 am when they got home. It was wonderful to just have the morning off. After nap time I took the kids to the park to enjoy the nice weather and we spent an hour outside! It was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. I didn't bring the camera though so I could just enjoy playing with the kids on the playground. 

This past week while it's been so cold we've spent quite a few afternoons doing crafts. So I figured I'd catch up on some pictures of those! The kids really love any craft that involves painting so we've done many of those recently. 
Though sometimes Micah abandons his paint brush....
Or paints things other than the paper... 
And a couple finished crafts -

Penguin footprints from Meet the Dubiens - We couldn't resist this one because Abby and Micah love seeing the penguins at Sea World. Abby was oh so excited when I told her we were going to make a penguin craft!

Abby painted her wings and belly all by herself after seeing how I did Micah's. 

And in a monumental event tonight as I was uploading these pictures I got an evil message that my upload couldn't be completed because I had run out of storage oops! I had to buy more and delete a couple pictures (ones that didn't make the blog) so I could put these pictures up tonight and have room for more tomorrow! That's pretty impressive as I've been resizing them for the web so they aren't large files I'm uploading!

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