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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Monday Abby woke up sick... again. Feverish and not feeling well... poor little girl! Thankfully it looks like we are near the end of this as the fever was much lower the morning (after a night fever free) and was gone again this evening. She was exhausted at bed time but hopefully by morning she will be back to her happy self. Too bad she doesn't have school Friday (teacher conferences) or Monday (President's day) now that she is better! I'm so tired of these germs - we are not used to being sick this often. She's had a few minor colds before but this past month and 1/2 has had more germs, colds, ear infections than the rest of her 4.5 years! I was so sad for her to miss her Valentine's parties both Monday in school and Tuesday in Bible class. Monday she was so upset about it, when I told her she could bring her Valentines on Wed she got this sad look and said "but then it won't be Valentine's day anymore." So of course then I had to bring her Valentine's to school for her because I didn't want her to be sad about it! It all worked out though because both days I brought home a bag of goodies from her friends that really seemed to cheer her up! 

Meanwhile Beau had a pretty good Valentine's day. (And late Christmas since we didn't do presents for each other at Christmas) We picked him up a smoker. Yum! So we've been enjoying some yummy goodness that he smoked for us this week. Micah was a little helper and was watching everything Daddy was doing while putting it together and then once Beau left to go to the store for something to smoke Micah took it upon himself to "finish" putting it together with his little hammer. 
I hope everyone else is having a good week without any germs!

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