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Friday, February 25, 2011


I started this blog way back in December of 2006 - over 4 years ago - to make it easy for family to see pictures of Abby. Since then the blog has changed designs, names, url and we've also moved houses (twice) and added to our family. This post is a monumental one - as it marks the 1000th post I've made since starting this blog. Wow! 
Beau finished this bar exam yesterday (yay!) and now we wait. Both kids slept in this morning... as did  I. Instead of turning off the alarm and getting up, I just might have hit the snooze button instead. That made for a time crunch to get Abby to school in time but we did it.

After preschool and a long nap from Micah we headed outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. I had Abby lay down and I traced her outline. She got up to look at it and was quite thrilled with it. Micah watched me traced Abby and as she got up and started looking at it, he laid down on her outline and started saying "me, me, me!" So cute. It jogged my memory for how when Abby was his age she had a hard time understanding the difference between you and me and she would have said "you, you, you" instead of me at Micah's age.
Abby added smiley faces to the outlines... and had to make sure mommy had an outline on the driveway as well. 
I pulled out the water table for the first time since we put it away in November of last year, cleaned it out from sitting in the garage for a couple months and filled it up. What a blast! Still a little chilly - but fun none the less. 

Afternoons spent staying home, enjoying just playing and being in the moment are really the best! 
{the view from here}

Thanks for sticking around for the last 1000th posts and I hope you'll continue to stick around for many many more! 

1 comment :

Kim said...

Congrats on 1000 posts!!